Ties in the time of artificial intelligence

India is definitely getting ready for Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and 5G. This is very evident after the deal it made with Chinese IT corridor, BEST (Biodiverse, Emerging, Science Technology) metropolis, in Dalian. Indian companies, be it big or small, are sophisticated in software development than the Chinese companies. While the Chinese companies are focusing primarily to bring Artificial Intelligence supported hardware, they are also struggling to support them with strong software. When it comes to AI, 70% to 80% of the work is in the software part. However, hardware gives life to whatever has been written in the code. This nexus between NASSCOM and China can mean more business at both ends.

Grabbing a foothold on AI world is not a small feat. Most of the countries are still grappling for firm hold. This deal with BEST city can be a start of something big. Till now we haven’t produced any self-driving cars or robots like Sophia. We are far behind the game to catch up with the rest of the world, having a partner like China is the best option available right now.

In India we have more than 2000 smaller companies working on AI. China does have 60% of the companies which are not part of the top 100. The prime objective of this deal is to find a nexus between these companies, so that they can support each other to survive this war of AI.

Most of the Indian companies should be excited about this news because this will definitely generate a new wave of clients. This can drastically change the way we look at IT today. IT is no longer just developing websites or software. This partnership also demands the Indian IT companies to be in look out for new talent. Not many companies in India really use AI in their daily operations. In that aspect we are still behind. However, India possess raw talent which can shape into any form. This will definitely be a plus point for the new partnership with BEST city. The companies have to train and re-train its employees to be successful at whatever is to come in future. Also, this partnership can foster the need to be competitive and more vigilant in the AI world. If you are an IT company wishing you had a chance to work on AI, this is your chance


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