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Tik Tok deletes 60 lakh Indian videos after a constant warning from govt

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Bytedance-owned standard short video app TikTok has removed sixty lakh video clips, that were chargeable for violating content protocol in India.

TikTok deleted these videos to remove illegal and coarse content present on its platform. The firm is additionally operating towards strengthening the mechanism that guards the platform against the transit of inappropriate and unlawful content.

“We have created certain rules and amendments which are committed to maintaining a secure and positive in-app domain for the users showcasing their power and talent,” said  Sachin Sharma, Director (Sales and Partnership) of the Indian operations.

TikTok in no way is commending or promoting content that violates our community tips,” Sharma added.

The company further added that to ascertain the content on the platform, that is either harmful or inappropriate for youngsters and different users or is promoting any style of nakedness or sexual intercourse.

The development has come back at a time once the app recently received a warning threat from the govt last week concerning obscene activities and was asked to respond to the set of twenty-four given queries.

Ever since its launch in India, the social video app has registered vital growth. TikTok that has around five hundred million users worldwide and over two hundred million in India was illegal for four weeks, earlier in April.

Facing heat for its content promoting Nudity and cyberbullying, this Chinese video app conjointly received a warning for a possible ban from the Ministry of Electronics and IT. They have regarded that if the corporate fails to supply immediate answers to govt’s queries after the complaints filed by Swadeshi Jagran Manch about anti-national activity on the social app.

ByteDance on Sunday conjointly confirmed concerning establishing data} center in India to regionally store information of the users.

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