TikTok experimenting with mobile games on HTML5

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TikTok experimenting with mobile games on HTML5 1

TikTok introduced a partnership with several developing companies like Vodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, Aim Lab and Lotem. TikTok is experimenting with launching a new HTML5 game test project.


In November 2021, TikTok and Zynga collaborated together to test game development and took the initiative to launch the exclusive 3D Disco Loco game for the famous application TikTok. This game is somewhat similar to the famous game High Heels that was introduced by Zynga. In this current year, it was reported that TikTok hopes to make the expansion of the HTML5 game business.

TikTok projects with HTML5 games.

TikTok took a step ahead towards the active development of the game through cooperation with developers, and more games are going to be released in the near future. If this initiative becomes a successful step, TikTok is expected to become a normal gaming platform when compared with the App Store and Play Store; this is going to bring huge game revenue for TikTok.

TikTok, the social video app maker, was seeking to make the expansion into HTML5 games after first experimenting with Zynga last year in November. TikTok and Zynga teamed up to launch a TikTok-exclusive title, Disco Loco 3D, which is quite similar to Zynga’s (by acquisition) hit High Heels.

Right after TikTok uploads the release video, the app will pop up with a list of new mini-games. Prior to the official introduction, creators become capable of including hashtags, descriptions, targeting, and link information to other content. Inside the Add Link button, TikTok permits its users to include additional experiences through TikTok Jump, a third-party integration tool.

TikTok revealed that the tool was in discussions with other game makers for similar kinds of deals that are revealing a larger game expansion. When the initiative becomes successful one day, it can position TikTok as a casual mobile game maker that operates across Apple and Google’s app stores.

Creators can interlink the content from other applications that include Whisk’s recipes, BuzzFeed and Quizlet quizzes, Breathworks breath connect Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and more. Creators are allowed to select a game that has already been launched on this particular theme, and the creation of the caption will be done right above the username on the official release video interface. Here is a list of certain games that have already been tested:

Basketball FRVR (FRVR), Tap the Difference (Lotem), Peek a Who (Nitro), Pride Run (Voodoo), Influencer Run (Voodoo), Space Destroyer (Nitro), and Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare (Aims Labs).

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