Tips to Groom Your Top-Performing Employees into Leaders

Tips to Groom Your Top-Performing Employees into Leaders 1

Your top talent and hard-working employees of today are the leaders of tomorrow. If employers can invest in their top-performing employees, they can, in turn, help the company grow with their leadership and managerial skills. High-performing employees in the business are a goldmine as they give you a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry. Thus, most successful companies around the world invest in their top talent and design special development programs.

These programs can help your employees to become even more competitive and deliver great performances. These development programs should focus not only on their technical skills but also on their leadership skills also. An effective leader can guide and groom many employees under him/her. Thus, in this article, we have discussed some effective ways through which you can groom top-performing employees.

1)Talent scouting:

A young and talented employee who’s just started his/her career in your organization may become the leader of a department a few years down the lane, you never know. It is the responsibility of the leaders at a higher level in the organization to find those potential people and provide them with all they need to develop their skills. You can run a talent identification program to find out the top talent in your organization.

Some of the attributes that you can look for in this program are- willingness to learn, optimism, team spirit, communication skills, innovation, empathy, higher productivity rate, sincerity and work ethic, etc. Once you finalize a team of people based on these attributes, you can follow it up with a competency assessment program. After these assessments, all you need to do is offer them customized programs that would make them future leaders.

2)Invest in training:

Grooming your top talent alone is not enough, you need to provide them enough training on their technical and managerial skills so that they become effective leaders. 

These days, training isn’t that expensive either. Many organizations opt for online training instead of classroom training because it’s not only cost-effective but also offers many other benefits. All you need is good LMS software that can effectively manage your employee training. An LMS can reduce the burden on your HR managers, L&D department, and also on your employees too. They can learn at their own pace and the content is accessible anywhere and at any time.

3)mentorship program:

Mentorship programs are also a great way to groom your young talent. Your senior leaders can groom the younger generation with all their experience over the years. The senior employees can play the role of a guide, teacher, and mentor to the younger generation of employees. You can set up regular meetings where the senior leaders can share their lessons and regrets from their corporate journey, giving the newcomers access to real industry experiences.

You can also conduct mini-training sessions on weekends where the senior employees can share business strategies, teach the best way of dealing with work-related obstacles, and much more.

4)Teach time management:

The other important skill that one needs to develop if he/she aspires to become a leader is to build better time management skills. A senior manager or a leader at most organizations has lots of things going on at the same time and everyone needs their attention to get things done. In such cases, you need to prioritize the tasks and get them done based on the deadlines and the priority hierarchy. So, help your younger generation of employees learn better time management by offering training opportunities that focus on time management as a key topic.

5)Communication skills training:

Communication skills are part of the core skill set that’s needed to become a successful leader in a corporate company. If you cannot communicate your ideas and thoughts seamlessly to people, then it’s very hard to become a good leader. Communication skills are not just about speaking seamlessly, it’s also about the listening skills that one possesses. Without good listening, you cannot connect with their audience and customers and achieve diverse business goals. Most successful organizations offer training to their employees that focus on communication and interpersonal skills.

6)Personality and attitude training:

An aspiring leader should possess a calm head where he/she should think logically rather than emotionally when put under pressure. If you often lose your cool in crucial meetings with your team or customers, you cannot be a great leader. The right attitude enables the leaders to confront major business challenges with ease. Employee attitude training can prepare aspiring leaders to constantly improve their personalities as a whole so that they can be more approachable. These training programs also help your employees to unleash their real talent that even they are not aware of.

7)Practical approach:

No matter how fancy your tutors are and how great your training program is, at the end of the day, your employees should put all those learnings into practice. The organization needs to find ways to provide practical assignments to their employees where they can practice what they learned in their training. Managers can experiment with this practical approach by asking their employees to take ownership of the project they are involved in and manage the team for a brief period so that they get accustomed to managing a team.

8)Look after them:

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to look after your young talent. Offer them wellness programs and gym memberships that help them stay healthy. It is as simple as designating an hour daily to a workout session can create a healthy workforce. If your employees are physically and mentally fit, only then can they put additional effort into becoming the best version of themselves.


Feedback is an important tool. If you can provide constructive feedback consistently, it can help your employees to reflect back on that and improve themselves. 

Timely feedback and constructive criticism can take your employees a long way forward in their careers. Provide opportunities for your employees to assess the training programs and give feedback. It helps to do the required changes to the program midway and improve.


To wrap up, any kind of growth happens with proper planning and consistent efforts. As a leader, if you want to groom your young talent, make a systematic plan and focus on how you can groom them. We hope this article helps you make that systematic plan and groom your young talent.

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