Tips to stream Spotify better

Tips to stream Spotify better

The idea of having high audio quality is something everyone yearns for. Some claim that only by listening to music on expensive gadgets can the music be audible and of great quality. Some argue that such expensive equipment simply enhances the mood and feel of the music you are listening to. While others suggest the source from which the music or song is played influences the quality. Nonetheless, definitely, the quality of sound is better while listening from Spotify than radio. 

Popularity of Spotify

Spotify has taken over the world, offering music fans more than 70 million soundtracks and two million-plus podcast banners for free; if users can handle a few advertisements. Read the following ideas to make the best out of this streaming season. 

Creating a playlist: The first step in streaming better on Spotify is to create a playlist. However,  the process is different for both Premium and basic users. 

Tips to make streaming better on Spotify

Playlist Recommendations: One of the benefits of using the Spotify app is that it analyzes the words typed into the playlist name. That is while creating a new playlist, the app provides song recommendations. As users keep adding songs to the playlist, the app changes the recommendations to provide more tailored suggestions based on the songs added to the playlist. 

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Organizing playlists in folders and sub-folders: On the app, not only songs can be organized in playlists. It is also possible to organize these playlists into sub-folders. This can be accessed on the desktop by choosing “File” under the New Playlist folder from the three-dot menu in the top left corner of the desktop page. It needs to be named first. Then additional playlists can be dragged in and out of these folders. Clicking on one folder will display all the sub folders as well. 

Download and Listen Offline: This is a benefit applicable to only Spotify Premium users. Users can download podcasts, playlists, or specific albums and listen offline. All soundtracks can be downloaded specifically through WiFi by changing the settings. There is a clause to this, the user needs to go online and verify their account at least once a month. 

Recover Playlists that are deleted: Often, many of us delete our playlist by mistake. Even after the pop-up box wants them to confirm? Well, everyone has faced this situation. The good news is that Spotify has a solution for this and lets users retrieve their deleted playlists. Users can find their deleted playlists by logging onto the Spotify website and recover the playlist. 

Listen to the Dirty Version: Spotify prides itself in making music available in all the forms possible to users and isn’t keen on censoring. So if users come across an album that seems incomplete, users should look further down and search for a menu on the bottom right-hand side. Search for the option that reads “1 More release” or something similar. This is where users can find the “Clean” and “explicit” versions of any soundtrack of any particular album.  

Crossfading: Spotify has the option of having a transition between two songs. The settings can be found in the Playback section of the Advanced Settings. Move the slider to create a crossfading transition effect between 1 and 12 seconds. 

Use these ideas to listen to clear and high-quality music. Users shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Happy streaming!

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