Today’s Advanced Software Drives Manufacturing

Today’s Advanced Software Drives Manufacturing 1

Ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, machines have driven productivity in factories to such a degree that they transformed society. Today’s factories are still driven by machines, but the software inside them can be so advanced that it makes a huge difference and deserves much spotlight.

Let’s take a look at how machines and their software combine to revolutionize manufacturing once again.

Partially Automated Quality Control

It’s impossible to give a thorough yet efficient inspection of so many distinct and complex parts and pieces without machinery. Coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines) have been stalwarts on production lines for decades now because they can measure the physical geometrical characteristics of an object or part much quicker and more completely than a human worker could.

CMM machines can be manually controlled by an operator or via computer, which is why they’ve been the perfect fit in so many North American factories. When globalization made manufacturing cheaper in countries with fewer regulations and significantly lower labor costs, CMM machines were a crucial way North American manufacturers could compete on an even footing.

CMM machines are used for other functions, too, from reverse engineering and more. But they’re often associated with quality control in industries ranging from nanotechnology to the aerospace sector.

Modern Software Ushers in Industry 4.0

The new CMM software on the market helps to make these machines take automation to a new level: CMM machines can now integrate into more aspects of the production process by, in effect, speaking to other machines downstream.

If a machine suffers from a breakdown or malfunction, it can automatically let other machines know right away, saving invaluable time in addressing the cause of the problem. Equipment that can self-identity breakdowns prevent flaws along the production line quicker than would otherwise be possible.

World-class CMM dealerships also sell the latest software on the market for your specific CMM machine. From PC-DMIS for CMMs, Portable Arms, and Laser Trackers to PolyWorks Modeler and Inspector, they should have it all in stock and be fully capable of providing any service or support you may need.

Industry 4.0 is the broad term for the further digitalization of manufacturing processes. Being able to inspect parts remains a vital function of equipment like CMM machines, but as these machines take on greater ability to link up and integrate with the equipment around them, their power will only rise.

Look for a metrology dealer that has all the latest software and a long history in repairing the machines and attending to any measuring needs you may have. Real experts can guide you in what software to buy or train your employees in how to use it.

The world has always changed as technology evolves, but the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted manufacturing and countless other aspects of commerce and society at large. Keeping up with the latest tools and the software that guides them will continue to drive manufacturing today and for the foreseeable future.

Written by Sony T

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