Top 10 Agritech Companies to Lookout in 2023

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Top 10 Agritech Companies to Lookout in 2023 1

The ever-evolving ecosystem of tech in India, the Indian agriculture sector is home to more than 1,000 agritech startups.


The agritech startups are leveraging tech to disrupt the agriculture sector, as the agritech industry in India is growing exponentially. Indian agritech startups are making the implementation of emerging technologies such as AI, data analytics, and IoT. They have a purpose to help Indian farmers in increasing productivity and reap better yields.


Sensonomic is a Norway-based tech company. Sensonomic is the tech company that helps large-scale farms estimate their yield and predict their harvest. With Sensonomic, the food production sector is facilitated a big help. Farmers make utilization of the products of Sensonomic so that they can better understand the level of output that a certain level of input can produce. Sensonomic helps farms in benchmarking their brand.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Anuvia Plant Nutrients is a popular agtech company which is having a long-term plan. The company makes assurance of the quality of the food product that contains the needs of the growing global population by the end of 2050.

Anuvia plant nutrients invest in the production of nutrients that are beneficiary for the plants to grow faster without relying on natural nutrients. This ultimately reduces the production of food for the increasing global population. Relying on natural nutrients alone for agricultural purposes will lead to a low level of production.

Anuvia manufactures plant nutrients and supplements which will result in increasing the output of the farms and more food for Earth’s increasing population.


Cropx is a leading soil sensing and agricultural analytics firm that would be helpful in facilitating solutions to data-driven farming. This popular agtech company, Cropx allows farmers in making science-based decisions. It is therefore helpful for the farmers to know about the right amount of farm inputs to use by determining the level of irrigation in a particular field that needs it through its software application.


Bluwrap is another leading agtech company that is helpful in facilitating technological solutions that naturally extend the shelf-life of perishable proteins. It has developed an oxygen management method that can be helpful in facilitating sustained natural control over the atmosphere environment that suspends time to enable the transportation of fresh fish and shell proteins produced by fish farmers to anywhere on earth. This innovation tackles the problem of expensive airfreight.


Bovcontrol develops technology to help livestock farmers produce quality beef for consumption. This agtech company is also helpful in facilitating the technology to give assistance in the extraction of milk from cows. Bovcontrol makes the estimation of the meat and milk production in ranches. The company believes in making the investments in genetic operations of cattle.


Farmlead is an ag-tech company that deals with every grain farmer. Farmlead connects grain farmers to buyers who are ready to purchase their products.


Crofarm is a tech-driven agritech startup that has an objective to reduce agricultural waste by optimizing supply chain networks. Crofarm is an F2B or Farm to Business venture which is inherited with ten thousand farmers on its network.

The startup has partnered with Metro Foods, Jubilant Foodworks, Big Basket, Grofers, and other retailers. Crofarm helps in the generation of revenue through a commission system that is initiating from 5% on common vegetables to up to 20% on exotic vegetables. With a tech-driven and optimized supply chain, the shelf life of the food products is also increased.

Aarav Unmanned Systems

While Aarav Unmanned Systems is not a technical-based company but an agricultural-based startup. Aarav Unmanned Systems has its primary application domains in agriculture. It is essentially a drone startup incubated at various premier engineering institutions all over the country.


Aibono is a helpful startup that facilitates farming-related intelligence and gadgets to farmers to help improve their yields. It acts as a Farm Management Service company.

With Aibono, the farmer are now eligible to outsource the entire production management, farm measurement, and other decision-making services. The start-up has worked closely with around 140 farmers in the regions of Tamil Nadu.


Cropin is a helpful platform that integrates farming with enterprise resource planning and business intelligence. They believe in facilitating the services via a mobile app that allows farmers and farm owners to do data-driven farming.

The company uses big data analytics and artificial intelligence to keep the track of the farms. It also makes use of Geo-tagging and satellite imagery for the monitoring of the entire land.

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