Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions of 2019

Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions of 2019 1

Proper workforce management is one of the major ways to increase employee productivity. Companies today are ditching pocket calendars and sticky notes and using various appointment scheduling software to digitize the process of managing attendance and assigning tasks. There are advantages of incorporating appointment scheduling software into the daily operations of an organization with having accurate payrolls ready each month is one of the important ones. Furthermore, employee appointment plus scheduling software and apps also protect the welfare of highly-valued companies, particularly SMBs, who can’t afford to let their workforce to be less productive.

Why Get Employee Scheduling Software Solutions?

Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions of 2019 2

In addition to enhancing productivity and keeping things organized, scheduling software plays an important role in talent retention. Recent studies have shown that 60 percent of job seekers want real-time schedule accessibility from their potential employers. They also blamed last-minute scheduling one of the main factors for absenteeism and abandonment. The point is if you’re an HR manager at a major corporation or an SMB owner, and want your employees to improve, be more competitive as well as more productive, you need to assign and distribute their tasks evenly and timely. Below are 10 most sought-after appointment scheduling software that will help you achieve it.

Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions

  1. Planday

Planday has the reputation of being one of the world’s most reliable employee scheduling systems. With this sophisticated scheduling system, employers can master the skill of adequate shifting. Planday has also set the standard of how a scheduling system should look and operate. What makes Planday so popular? To answer that it is the systems friendly and appealing dashboard.

  1. Deputy

Deputy is another workforce management software that promises accurate scheduling. Developers of appointment scheduling software assured that by using this system, user schedules can be made available for use after a few minutes. Deputy also has great timesheets and payroll capabilities.

  1. When I Work

When I Work is known as a professional employee scheduling and time clock solution that was mainly developed for meeting the employee scheduling of small, medium, and large businesses. This system offers 100% accountability, good time savings, and reliable change management.

  1. Humanity

Humanity specializes in drag-and-drop bulk scheduling. It also offers automated, fully-featured schedules and employee profiles. Humanity also has a time clock and attendance management, leave management, and basic HR functions. It is well known for 24/7 customer support.

  1. HotSchedules

HotSchedules offers one of the best detailed time and attendance management systems. This module is sought after by restaurant managers as it assists businesses to hire hourly workers and train them with the necessary skills. It also provides several customer support options.

  1. Shiftboard

If you’re looking for shifting or managing your workforce is a simple, yet accurate manner, then Shiftboard may be the best option for your company or business. Appointing and tracking workers in several shifts is challenging even for experienced managers, and Shiftboard was designed to tackle these issues. This appointment scheduling software comes with ready and modifiable templates making scheduling tasks easier and also provides assistance for creating specific lists and schedules.

  1. Quinyx

This is another enjoyable and effective appointment scheduling software. The goal of Quinyx developers is making workforce management enjoyable, and after inspecting this tool we seem to agree with them. Some of the major selling points of Quinyx is that it offers users with a compact employee management kit. Furthermore, Quinyx is also well-equipped with the most modern, automated, and intelligent scheduling mechanism. These unique features of the software make it easier and well as possible to assign tasks online. And finally, Quinyx is well-organized and easy to use.

  1. TrackSmart

TrackSmart is one of the most well-known scheduling software list out there. This scheduling module is known as highly effective and tested time and attendance software. TrackSmart is highly used by all large, medium, and small-sized companies, industries, and businesses to reduce administrative costs and red tape. The three main modules are Attendance, Time Clock, and Scheduling, all of which unique features, unlike other workforce scheduling software.

  1. Ximble

Ximble is a well-known schedule building, time tracking, as well as communication software. This workforce management application is equipped with powerful features, yet it is one of the most affordable starting at $1/user/month. Ximble is particularly popular for roster visibility and collaboration. Furthermore, Ximble helps businesses to lower costs associated with scheduling employees and assigning tasks up to 40 percent.  In addition, Ximble also speeds up timesheet-to-payroll calculations.

  1. Homebase

Homebase has an appealing and entertaining interface consisting of unique icons, colors, and special arrangements, which isn’t usually seen in the most appointment and workforce scheduling software and apps. Calendars in Homebase are different than what is commonly seen, but its functionality is enhanced by the combination of employee profiles, roles, tasks, and important notes. The system is also great in managing labor time and labor costs. It is also fast with accurate scheduling making it popular with over 60,000 retail, healthcare, hospitality, and other similar businesses.

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