Top 10 Backend Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

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Top 10 Backend Programming Languages to Learn in 2023 1

A backend programming language is a kind of language that is generally used and coded by the programmer for the creation of internal systems that work in the background of a web application. Backend developers are capable to make more and more monetary funds and can also grow in popularity and desirability.


Here are some of the kinds of programming languages-


Python is one of the most popular programming languages that are very much versatile in nature and has a user-friendly syntax. If we talk about the programs Python, then they are highly portable. It is a platform-independent language; Python can run on a wide range of platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Unix. Python is supportive of various applications. Python is a general-purpose language that lends itself to a variety of growing fields that is inclusive of machine learning and data science.


PHP is an open-source scripting language. The language is considered one of the most technically general-purpose languages. This simply states that the language can be used for a wide range of programming tasks. The programmers of back-end web development make use of PHP. As a desire to build a desktop application, PHP is used. But server-side scripting is where the language contains its maximum usability.


Ruby is an open-source programming language. The language, Ruby is greatly used for automation, web scraping, and data processing. Web development is another function which is well known for. Similarly to Python, Ruby was also designed as user-friendly. That is the reason why the language is a bit easier to learn than many programming languages.


Go is formally known as Golang, which is a faster, high-performing language suitable for building efficient web applications. Golang was created at Google by a group of developers who were dissatisfied with other programming languages. The objective of the programming language is to create a language that contains the feature of being fast, efficient, and user-friendly. Go has a relatively simple syntax that has great garbage collection capabilities that enable efficient memory management.

In case one is making the search for a modern programming language to learn in 2023, then this is the one programming language one must go with.

Since there are not many developers of Go available in the market and many companies will adopt it, it’s probably the best time to learn the language.


C# is a Microsoft-developed OOP language that was built on the foundations of a widely-used programming language that is C. C# was designed as a part of the .NET framework and has a purpose to develop Windows applications. C# is a general-purpose language that is basically used in backend Web Development, creating games via Unity, developing mobile applications, and many more. The language supports Windows platform, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms. The language is considered the best programming language for Web Development.


For the formation of cross-platform solutions over the global level, Rust is one of the best backend programming languages with some inherited characteristics that are quite similar to the feature of C and C++. The language is mostly used for monetary safety purposes.

There is no doubt that the language, Rust is yet not popular in the market, but apart from this limitation, Rust will guarantee you have a fast and efficient memory management system.


Kotlin is an expressive open-source programming language that was originally designed by JetBrain. The language is operated on JVM, and Java virtual machine.

Kotlin is compatible with JavaScript and Gradle. It supports android app developmental language contains highly scalable, is less prone to bugs, and offers functional programming that is easily readable. It helps in facilitating an improved performance, facilitate the extensions, and compact & clean syntax. It is an object-oriented, null-safe operator, and is concise in nature.


For the tech-savvy experts, there is no matter of argumentation that JavaScript is to a greater extent which is useful for programming. Express.js is considered as one of the most notable bearers of programming. There are most programmers that are considering Node.js as a reliable back-end framework. Node.js has extended capabilities that enable any focused programmer to bring scalability and extended support for multiple issues. Express.js is a back-end JavaScript framework, and Node.js supports it widely. The framework has a comprehensive and experienced community, making it possible to review, update, and improve code.

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