Top 10 cloud service provider of the world

The world is moving towards the era of creating the virtual world and here all the data will be stored digitally, which means data will be on the internet. In the traditional method, data are kept on servers which have some disadvantages such as; due to this, their investment and the maintenance cost have increased, it may increase high chances of losing the data due to any load balancing or short circuit which may occur, it can create the fire in the whole data center and, we cannot take up the backup of the data as it takes time.

So, to avoid this type of critical situation and to save the cost cloud computing technology came into the existence. Cloud is useful for storing the data but currently, platform as a service(PaaS) services are also useful which includes developing and deploying much application whether it is web, desktop or mobile applications although we can use cloud software as a service (SaaS) service which is provided by cloud service provider. Here are some details of some top cloud service provider over the world.

1) Amazon Web Service (AWS)

AWS stands for Amazon web service which is cloud service provided by Amazon which is a multinational company which focuses on different technologies such as e-commerce, cloud computing and many more. Presently, Amazon web service is the best cloud service provider because it provides the best security for the data storing and a backup facility in just minutes along with low cost.

Amazon web service provides services to individuals, small scale business to larger ones and any user of the AWS can blindly rely on them.

Why it is the best?

Amazon has its data centers located worldwide and that makes them store as many as data they want to from all over the different continents and regions of the world. They cost as per the usage of the user, so they are best in providing service at the best rate. It totally depends on the user that how much they are using it if, you face any difficulty or you think that prices vary from your usage then you can easily contact them as they provide 24×7 support service. If they are wrong and added some extra charges in your account then they also easily remove it after some crosschecking is done.

In fact, they provide some basic free services for the student for a year or 2 and students can easily learn to develop and deploy the applications over the cloud. Its share value from last 6 months ranges between 1200$ to 2300$ and it is predicted that by the year 2020 $71 billion will be revenue of the Amazon. the growth of the company is notified by 32% in the cloud market in the year 2018

2) Microsoft Azure cloud

Azure cloud service is provided by Microsoft. Basically, it is a technology company in its older days but while moving towards the trend it has moved to the cloud services. They also faced issues in their cloud technology growing phase but now it has the second largest customer in cloud services following the Amazon web services. In 2018 it is noticed that the rapid growth was increased in their company and for some time they have crossed the revenue of the AWS also but then decrease in the growth noticed. the growth was about 16% in the cloud market

3) Google cloud

Google provides many services and similarly, they also provide the Google cloud service that is initiated in 2008. Google ranks on the 3rd position following the azure. In the market, Google has its name and helps little to google to have their customer for the Google cloud, in fact, many companies use the Google cloud. Interestingly, they provide the same cloud structure to its customers as they use for its end products such as the Google search engine and many more. Their is free 5gb space for the Google cloud users and then if exceed the prices range according to the storage. Its market placed was by 9% in the cloud market in the year 2018 which is the first time till now.

4) Alibaba cloud

Alibaba provides the cloud services at the cheap price and has made its place by competing for other competitors of the market and ranked in the top 5. Market growth of the company is 4% in the cloud market in the year 2018. This makes a huge difference in the market places of the companies for the cloud services and the annual growth of the company is increased to 73%

5) IBM cloud

IBM has its own cloud service which provides the platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) services where users can build and deploy their application over there. After Alibaba, the 5th most used cloud is the IBM cloud. The growth is 3% in the cloud market in the year 2018.

6) Adobe creative cloud

Adobe also provides a range of software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and many more. They provide their creative cloud along with the software for the video editing and making with some mobile application at free on the cost to their subscribers and some of the cloud services. usually it is used by the videography makers and that makes easy to access for them at one location and store their work on it.

7) Kamatera

Kamatera provides the cloud service for the business purpose mostly and for the small business, they also have great offers with great services. Their cloud service is scalable as well as secure and even it takes backup in a critical situation. In yesteryear of theirs, they used to go for the web hosting of the business website

8) Salesforce cloud

salesforce cloud provides the customer relationship management (CRM) services usually to their agents and customer. this cloud provides basically the software for the sales management and the customer feedback it can use by many small companies to know about their growth in sales.

9) Oracle cloud

Oracle provides various services in the cloud such as a server, storage, and other application of the oracle. this is used by most of the IT companies as many of them need oracle software for the database purpose.

10) Rackspace cloud

Rackspace is a pure cloud service provider which includes cloud files, cloud block storage and provides cloud backup all in one place.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the top cloud service provider is Amazon Web Service which has the most of the customer and they also fulfill their need with the best services and prices.

Written by Srikanth

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