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Top 10 Companies working on internet of things and there major focus area

A lot of the businesses currently trying out IoT, majorly the companies which are rooting for IoT are big organizations. However some smaller brand names that are simply starting out or are not generally related to modern technology, specifically for consumers are also trying their luck into this venture.

Let Us check out some of the Top 10 Companies working on internet of things and there major focus area that are making our life simpler every day with their innovation.

  • Microsoft

The main IoT is the windows 10. With the role out of Windows 10 across all devices simultaneously helps users. The windows 10 definitely gave Microsoft the edge over others as it had to make only one app which could run across all platforms whether it was pc, tablet or smartphone. Stepping out of windows 1Top 10 Companies working on internet of things and there major focus areaMicrosoft is also progressing a lot with its cloud based program Azure. Many big firms are using Azure Internet of things to make progress in development strategies and planning in the heart of their assessment. The Cortana is also a internet of things which provides virtual assessment technologies through analysis reporting and automotive mundane programs.

  1. AT&T

The AT&T is making leaps in internet of things to make their network strong and progressive according to people’s needs.  The networking giant has collaborated with many other IoT companies like GE, CISCO and others to make a de-facto network across all network. The other network companies like Vodafone and Verizon are trying to replicate the process. The company has launched a cloud based storage for data flow and storage naming M2X – it mainly aims for being a development portal for various applications around Internet of things. The aim of AT&T is to have more than 10 million vehicles connected to its network by 2017.

  1. Amazon Web services

People in digital podium always have the perspective that a cloud based platform will perform as internet of things. Rightly, so AWB has truly lived up to its reputations, in 2016 it is considered as the biggest cloud platform in digital media. It haTop 10 Companies working on internet of things and there major focus areas an enormous amount of data and it is constantly making its best foot forward to make the performance a better than the previous. With its launch in 2015 the AWB uses tools like Kinesis, which is for real time streaming, S3 which is for basic storage platform and DynamoDB – it is massive storage for NoSQL database.

  1. Google

It has landed in the IOT through android and various other projects. One such is Project Brillo, Google has partnered with Intel, QUALCOMM and NXP to put in everything in Project Brillo to everything and everywhere. Through this google wants to cover almost majority of users with their all access gears and services to make their automotive.

  1. Dell

As a computer functioning in hardware computer selling it has started building quiet a host of IOT components for the customer’s easier access and usability. The company is providing now endpoint connectivity as well as device backend storage and analysis for managing IOT data. In 2014 it opened an IOT lab in partnership with Intel in Silicon Valley.

  1. IBM

The company has been making waves with its Watson “smart” product. It has been planning to punch its cognitive abilities into IoT services. The Watson “smart” IOT is for cloud based platform for applications and software tailored for cognitive analysis.

  1. CISCO

Top 10 Companies working on internet of things and there major focus area

The predictive analysis of CISCO suggested that 2020 there would be more than 50 billion devices that would be connected to IOT. CISCO has made a range of IOT service and products like Network connectivity be it wireless, router, embedded or hardware. The computing services like data collection, data storage, data analysis, automation networking and security based services.

  1. Bosch

The company is predominately for its automotive development, but it also has large industry scattered in making home appliances like washing machine fridge and also in the enterprise software. The company has built an internet of things cloud based program to assess the data. The main aim of Bosch is to build all there appliances and services around IOT to make the usability easier and accessible.

  1. Intel

The company recently shifted its base from dealing with smartphone chips where it did not really excelled before so it now investing in host of IOT and enterprise level activities. The intel inside which was previously for years making working for Microsoft pc’s is now gearing up for various IOT   based products be it hardware and software and top platforms to find the services are in Microsoft and in Amazon.

  1. Apple

Many may think that Apple is a smartphone giant but has nothing to do with IOT. With HomeKit launched a few years ago by Apple is designed to cater the home with compatible gadgets to make it IOT. The company though were apprehensive about the service and tool but now they r planning to roll it with as dedicated HomeKit app with IOS 10.

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