Top 10 Computer Vision Startups in 2018

Computer vision will combine the machine learning, AI and data processing to develop some innovative solutions, which find certain use cases on the day-to-day basis. The computer science field works to help the computers to see, identify as well as process images very much like the human vision does, and computer vision gives exciting and endless possibilities.

Very closely related with the Artificial Intelligence, the computer vision provides an appropriate output, which exceeds its limitations of human eye. The computer vision also combines the elements of data processing, machine learning, and analytics. This is about processing the images and to come up with the use-case models. Example, in the typical driving scenario, sudden appearance of the object can have many results.

However, in the computer vision scenario, such possibilities are highly minimized as object will be noticed before any human eye can. Given are the top 10 startups working closely on computer vision technology 2018

  1. SenseTime

SenseTime develops the face recognition technology, which will be applied to the payment and the picture analysis that can also be used, for example, on the bank card verification or security systems.

  1. Megvii

Megvii develops the Face++ Cognitive Services – the platform giving computer vision technologies, which allow your apps to read and know the world better. The face++ enables you to very easily add leading and deep learning image recognition technologies in your applications, with very simple and strong SDKs and APIs.

  1. Nauto

Nauto is one intelligent camera, which protects the commercial fleets as well as keeps drivers totally safe by preventing the collisions before it happens.

  1. Hawk-Eye

It is the British company more into developing the vision-processing, creative graphical and video replay technologies for the sports.

  1. Orbital Insight

Their aim is to process, source, and analyze the images that are generated by the satellites and make this actionable for the businesses, NGOs and governments. By applying computer vision and machine learning technologies, they build software, which interprets data in peta-byte scale and drive good business and decisions.

  1. Airobotics

Airobotics gives end-to-end and fully automatic solution in collecting the aerial data and getting invaluable insights. An industrial grade platform also is accessible on-demand and on-site, allowing industrial facilities to have an access to premium aerial data at the safer, faster, and efficient way.

  1. Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Vision is empowering the radiologists with their revolutionary AI1 offering that helps the health providers to manage their increasing workload without even compromising on the quality – at the flat, transparent rate

  1. Applitools

By emulating human brain and eye, the AI-powered image technology just reports the differences, which are quite perceptible to the users and ignore invisible rendering, position and size differences. Their algorithms will instantly validate the whole application pages, process the dynamic and complex pages and detect layout issues.

  1. Osmo

Osmo is the gaming company made around the proprietary Reflective AI. It aims in creating the new play movement that will unleash different boundaries of a screen with launch of the inaugural product, Osmo. They expand playing field as well as engages social interaction and creative thinking, allowing object – paper and pen – to interact with their digital device.

  1. Blue River Technology

This technology employs robotics and computer vision technologies to build the intelligent solutions for agricultural industries. The LettuceBot uses some cutting edge robotics and computer vision to identify more than 1.5 M lettuce plants every hour and also act 90 times every second, with 1/4inch of precision.


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