Top 10 Deep Tech Startups in India

By Srikanth
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Top 10 Deep Tech Startups in India 1

A brand-new deep-tech ecosystem in India is revolutionizing the world faster, supported by investors who have invested substantial money in the industry and are propelled by innovation.


In India, startups are being acquired by larger global companies to gain access to the industry of technologies and quality talent. This indicates a strong demand for startups leveraging disruptive tech that can solve complex global problems.


Genrobotics is a Kerala-based startup that deals in manufacturing a robot. The name given to the robots is Bandicoot. Bandicoot is a spider-shaped robot that usually cleans sewage and aims to end the barbaric practice of manual scavenging eventually.


Cognit Semantics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO-certified innovative product company. Cognit is based in Bangalore. It applies machine learning to text, speech, and computer vision. Nimit is a personalized learning platform that Cognit developed. The platform uses data science and machine learning algorithms to identify users’ learning patterns and activity, identify user context, and deliver content based on the context. This enables people to receive an extended blended learning platform. 


Cognitive is India based startup which Kanishka Nithin founded. This is a video intelligence platform that uses the vision of the computer to index physical world phenomena. The startup’s objective is to help retrieve the exact information by utilizing the cameras.


Streaming is an Artificial Intelligence Stylist company; the company was founded by the collaborative efforts of Nvidia, Manthani, Rajesh Kumar, and Haricharan Lakshman in 2014.


The headquarter of Instoried are in California and Bengaluru. The popular web platform, Instoried, signed an agreement with GEM Global Yield, an alternative investment group with offices in the places like Paris, New York, and the Bahamas.


Agara is a company which was established by Abhimanyu Singh, Pankaj Gupta, and Arjun Maheswaran. The company’s role is to automate end-to-end customer care operations for even the most complex inquiries. Agara will follow a business-to-consumer communication approach in the future.

Aigroedge Technologies

AIGROEDGE Technologies is a tech-based startup founded by engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The founders made total efforts to build cutting-edge IoT sensory and AI-powered digital solutions for the specialized agriculture sector.


DataCrux is a company that is specialized in high-end analytic services and solutions. The company deals in facilitating services to e-commerce, travel, financial services, and health care. The company’s Data Scientists have led teams that have produced cutting-edge innovation and commercial initiatives for Fortune 500 businesses.

Drive Analytics

Drive Analytics is a VC-backed, award-winning startup in the Visual Big Data arena. Drive Analytics started extrating information from images and videos and combine it with text analytics. They used to produce some genuine cutting-edge technologies in the fields of computer vision and deep learning. They are working on the next edition of our Deep Learning platform, Deep Acuity, and Text Analytics solutions.

Qubit Technologies

Qubit Technologies is a company that believes in thinking about the future that is dedicated to facilitating high-performance Artificial Intelligence based products to the general public. With the quality of solid leadership and engagement of world-class personnel, the organization is dedicated to recreating the technical landscape with sophisticated new approaches and constant research.

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