The Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

So you have bought a brand new Android Smartphone? Gotten it set up and selected a beautiful wallpaper, maybe even a ringtone that you like. What do you do next? Download some apps of course! Head on over to the PlayStore and…..Whoa!!!…So many apps to choose from!

With limited internal storage and an even more limited bandwidth, it becomes imperative that you know which apps are important enough to deserve the space on your phone. So this is what today’s article is all about! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

The Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

While this list is the top 10 most useful apps that you should have on your smartphone, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Once you’re done downloading all of these apps, make sure that you go into the Play Store and explore the various other apps in store for you!

With that said, let’s jump right in with the first app of the day.

#1. WhatsApp


The first thing that you would want to do when you get a new smartphone is to tell your friends and relatives about it! WhatsApp is the best Instant Messaging App to use and should be the first on your download list!

#2. Facebook

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps


Everyone nowadays has their own Facebook account and with your new smartphone, you can use the Facebook app to connect with everyone on the social network from the comfort of your couch!

#3. Xender

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

Now once you’ve connected with all your friends and have shown off your new smartphone, they’ll obviously want to share some of the cool apps and media in their devices with you. Xender makes it so that you can share all sort of files with another Android or iOS device effortlessly and at lightning speed.

#4. MX Player

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

Having received some exciting new movies, you must be raring to view them on your new phone. You’ll need MX Player for that, a versatile video player that can play almost all the popular file formats.

#5. Adobe Reader

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

If you feel like reading a couple of books on your smartphone, you can do that as [email protected] Just download Adobe Reader and reading PDFs will be a breeze!

#6. UC Browser

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

Sometimes all that reading and watching movies makes us curious! UC Browser is the perfect app for moments when you have to access the Internet to quench your curiosity, but you’re on a limited data pack.

#7. ES File Explorer

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps


All those media files can fill up your internal storage pretty fast! This is why we need a file manager to keep tabs on our storage and ES File Explorer is one of the best in the business.

#8. Flipkart

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

With your new smartphone in hand, you would want to dress it up with accessories and what better way to shop online than to download Flipkart and shop from the comfort of your home.

#9. Uber

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

But the Internet can make us couch potatoes so it’s very important that we step out now and then and Uber is the perfect app that can help you get out and about to wherever you might need to be!

#10. Clash of Clans

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

And finally for all those times when you’re bored because you’re waiting for your Uber or for your girlfriend, and need to pass some time, Clash of Clans is the perfect time killer of a game that will have you hooked!

With that we come to the end of our top 10 must have Android Apps for your device. Did we miss out on any of your favpuriye apps that you feel like should have made the list? Drop a comment down below and let the debates rage on!


Written by Amartya Baidya

A 22-year-old Bong from Kolkata, Amartya’s passion for ‘sondesh’ is matched only by his curiosity in tech. Rumor has it, that he once got a nasty electric shock. Ever since then he has been found to dismantle electronics with a vengeance and mod everything that goes beep.

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