Top 10 Things to do After Buying a New Smartphone

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The first question on the table after you get a new phone is which things to do after buying a new smartphone. There’s nothing similar to the feeling of getting a new smartphone. One moment, you’re excited about your new smartphone, and the following, you’re panicking over how much work you’ll need to do to set it up and make it usable.


1. Check Everything inside the Box

After buying a new smartphone the main thing you should check is the box properly to ensure that you have every one of the things inside the box like SIM ejector PIN, Charging Adapter, USB Cable, client manual, and so forth Of course, the packaged stuff is fine for use yet nothing worth getting excited over.

2. Take a Good Look at the Phone

Ensure that the telephone you have in your hand has got to you in good condition and nothing is broken .If something doesn’t feel right most smartphones comes with replacement warranty. Additionally, ensure you remove all the plastic film and other protective measures that are there to keeps things looking new until you get it. Look particularly close at the camera to make certain there’s no plastic cover. Those can make some dreadful-looking photographs!

3. Buy a phone case

After buying a new smartphone you would definitely want it to last longer and protect it by every means. You would prefer not to drop your smartphone the primary day you opened it. That is the reason you need a phone case to protect it from unintentional drops. Buy a case for your smartphone that may protect it along with elevating your new smartphone’s look. You can likewise utilize a screen protector to protect your smartphone’s too.

Although, now a days many smart phone companies send jelly cases inside the box but seeing its quality it just looks like a tissue.

For overall phone protection, a case, which covers its corners, edges, and back, is the best choice. A good case will protect your phone from scratches and absorb impact in those areas when your device is dropped giving it a long life. Here is an example of some of the best cases for Samsung in the market that are proven to protect and give smartphones a unique design.

4. Set Everything up

After examining the physical attributes of your new phone the next thing to do after buying a new smartphone is to turn it on and set everything up like language, date, and owner name. Follow the activation instructions that came with your new phone.

5. Add a Wi-Fi Network

You can’t totally set up a smartphone without an active internet connection (despite the fact that you are given the alternative to skip this, should you wish to do it later), which is the reason it is the initial step on most smartphones. Your smartphone will automatically display every available network that it can find in the local area. Basically it will look up for your home network, tap on it, input your Wi-Fi password using the on-screen keyboard, and tap on ‘Connect’.

6. Set up Google Account

After adding your Google Account, the initial step to do after is to set up or sign into Google account to use your smartphone with Google’s applications and administrations, for example, Gmail or the Play Store. In the event that you as of now have a Google account, you can enter the details now. At that point you will be approached to acknowledge Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy strategy. After accepting the terms you can continue.

7. Check for updates

The next thing you should do is to check for updates. You should keep your smartphone up-to-date as it provides new features and it also improves the security of the smartphone. Companies send fundamental updates to add security and improve the client experience, so try to check for the updates. For application updates, you can set your auto-update from the Google Play Store and also enable your system updates too.

8. Remove the Bloatware

The terrible truth of smartphones is that they tend to come up with a ton of undesirable junk and removing such garbage is important part of the top things to do after buying a new smartphone. To remove the bloatware, head to your smartphone and search for Application Settings.

This part is a little confusing because it includes not just the applications but also the system applications. You would prefer not to remove but many of them are unnecessary. Just start removing the extra applications that are not needed. Some apps can’t be uninstalled entirely, but can still be disabled.

9. Backup your photos

Photos are remarkable in that they catch a particular moment in time. Your psych paper can be rewritten, your music can be downloaded again, and your tax documents can be filled out from scratch. The photographs of your trips and the videos of your daughter’s initial steps can never be re-created.

For restoring photos you can use Google Photos and set it up for free unlimited storage capacity for your photos and videos. Or then again you can use different services like iCloud or OneDrive to store and transfer your photographs and videos on the cloud.

10. Install useful apps and Enjoy

You can check out the latest apps from the Google Play store or App Store and you can set the behavior of the apps you are installing. Just simply open your Google Play store or App Store and look for useful apps!

So these were the top 10 things to do after buying a new smartphone.  You can share your ‘to-do’ list after buying a new smartphone in the comments below.

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