Top 12 Ad Making Ideas To Promote Your Jewellery Brand

Top 12 Ad Making Ideas To Promote Your Jewellery Brand 1

It is believed that to sell something to a potential buyer; you need to show the buyer what the product can do to satisfy their needs. In this world of fast production and consumerism, ‘utility’ has become the buzzword for salespeople, exemplified by the ubiquitous concept of USP. 

But then there are some things we don’t buy to quell a need; some things, which mean more to us than just their use in making our lives easier. Jewelry is one of those things. 

Jewelry brands cannot bank on the concept of utility. Ornaments are pieces of art, and seldom do you see an art aficionado bidding for a say, a Picasso or a Monet because it will ‘do’ something for them, no. To buy a work of art is to formally declare that it strikes a chord with your heart and its deepest emotions. 

Jewelry, being something that is desired, and not needed, in the strict sense of the words, becomes harder to market. It’s incomparable, and there’s no definite list of pros and cons you can read out to the customer to convince them why your brand’s better (except pricing). 

Here is where true creativity in marketing lies. Ads are crucial for such brands to evoke emotions and create an instant connection with the viewer. 

Here we list some ideas which can propel your jewelry brand into greatness:

Two’s Better than One

Chances are, if you’re a jewelry brand, you’re likely to have an aesthetic, a style you keep running back to. Not that you cannot have diversity in your stylistic endeavors, but there’s a thread of underlying thought which will bind them. 

Your task, to market your brand effectively, is to collaborate with people who’ve woven their own tapestry with the same kind of thread. In simple words, reach out to like-minded people, people who you think share your company’s values, and collaborate with them to tap into a wider audience. 

Top 12 Ad Making Ideas To Promote Your Jewellery Brand 2

For instance, if you’re a sustainable jewelry brand, try contacting sustainable living or fashion-conscious influencers. Try to create brand campaigns with different people for different platforms. For instance, with a fashion influencer on Instagram and a popular vlogger for youtube

Cash In on the Festive Fever

Nothing brings out the ‘animal spirit’ of demand in people than festivities, and a country like India is a testament to that. Be it Diwali, Dhanteras, or the wedding season, the jewelry rush gets to the public anytime, anywhere. 

Festivals are fertile grounds for jewelry brands to expand their customer base. It’s not just festivals; even holidays like Valentine’s Day see a lot of demand for jewelry. Special promotional campaigns and exclusive services can work wonders for your brand. 

Make Informative Online Ads

In these times, most of the demand comes from the online realm. All well-known jewelry brands have a great online presence. Having a niche brand, too, works. But the key to a loyal online following and customer base is good advertising. 

The reason most people dither from buying expensive ornaments online is the lack of informational clarity about the size, material, quality of the product. 

To overcome this challenge, brands invest in 360-degree videos, which show every square millimeter of the product to the customer, so as to dissipate any doubt they harbor in their hearts. One can use a simple movie maker online to edit these little video advertisements. 

Involve Your Customers 

Ads have to be interactive, right? Then why don’t you get the words straight from the horse’s mouth? 

User-generated campaigns have picked up in recent years. Be it couture wardrobe brands or jewelry; everyone is asking their customers to send in pics and videos wearing their products. It not only adds authenticity to your brand but also makes your clients feel valued and cared for. 

Offline Promotions

They may seem redundant in this rapidly digitized world, but offline promotions are pretty much in the game when it comes to capturing an audience. 

Jewelry exhibits invite interested brands to set up their booths and display their wares to the coming public, and they’re great opportunities not only to impress potential buyers but also to network with fellow brands in the industry. Who says competition always has to be toxic?

Attention To Details In Photography

As iterated above, online is the way to go, and when you can’t show the real thing to the customer, its representation has to be no less than perfect.

A good way to do that is to invest in high-quality photographs or even an ensemble photo series. Let the viewers know how the piece is going to look like on a real neck rather than an artificial bust. 


They may seem like an economic loss for the brand but might turn out to be a long term profit-generating machine. A giveaway would lend your brand a lot of traction because everyone likes free stuff. 

While only some of the participants will receive the goodies, almost all of them will receive a good chunk of your goodwill and will remember your brand for it. 


Different segments of the market have their own differing needs. You need to have a great deal of knowledge about your customer base to segregate them into various segments and advertise directly to a particular one with a campaign. 

This is a more concentrated advertising method, but the results can be astonishing. 

Create a Story

You’re not only selling a product, but you’re also selling a brand. And with that, you’re selling your brand philosophy, values, and culture. Create simple but heartwarming stories that directly targets the audience’s heart and soul. 

Contests and Games

A close sister of the Giveaway, there’s nothing better to rope in customers than a fun-filled game and the chance to win a little something from your collection. 

You can always design jewelry-related games, like puzzles, jigsaws, and so on, and bring in a ton of customers. 

Expand Your Digital Footprint

Instagram is all well and good, but have you thought of engaging your audience on other social media platforms? Having multiple digital media accounts on the different platforms lets you tap the potential in various markets. 

Some people might not be using Instagram but will be active on Facebook. To leave no stone unturned, try to have accounts on all major platforms. 

Behind the Scenes

Nothing excites people more than to see the thought and action which goes into making a valuable piece of jewelry. 

Releasing a video or two about your design motivations, showing the people who actually make the jewelry, that is, the humble goldsmiths can make you an instant hit.

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