Top 12 Revolutionary IoT Trends for 2021

Top 12 Revolutionary IoT Trends for 2021

With the emerging technological wonders, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most hyped technology for the future. There is no doubt in the fact that IoT is now a powerful tool for businesses to improve their processes, boost earnings and reduce the overheads as it has now integrated with artificial intelligence and data analytics software. You can now catch the smartest technologies anywhere, be it smart appliances, phones, security systems, or cars.

Building a milieu of convergence, IoT with its impressive features has captured the whole market. According to Statista, the projection of worldwide spending on the Internet of Things has been hopped from 646 billion US dollars to 1100 billion US dollars from 2018 to 2023 respectively. The latest IoT trends include real-time tracking and identification of objects as well as people, various physical phenomena, and automated launch of preprogrammed events. Read on to know upcoming revolutionary IoT trends for 2021 and ahead.

1.      The Amalgamation of Big Data

The Internet of Things is not restricted to just changing the lives of people and running businesses, instead, it has an in-depth focus on generating a large amount of data. Various Big Data platforms are built in order to support the demand for large-scale storage and investigate the advantages of IoT. This is in fact the new IoT trend that is emerging and will surely get a bang in the upcoming years.

2.      Adoption of Edge and Cloud Computing

Edge computing is perceived to take the adoption by not only the customers but the industries as well. Before this time, IoT devices used to operate through the cloud for data storing needs, but for today this scenario is made quite serene as your data is first transferred to a local device that is near to the IoT device. The data otherwise would have to be first sent to the cloud from the IoT device. Now, the local storage device sends a certain part of the data to the cloud directly after sorting and calculating the data. This has assisted in reducing the traffic towards the network. This process is known as edge computing and is a great help in managing enormous data that is sent to buy every device.

3.      Machine Learning for Data Security

Machine learning being the subset of artificial intelligence (AI) has been playing a pivotal role in performing tasks faster in addition to providing various learning capabilities. This development is now being used by developers to bring up new methods to share data with security using technologies such as Blockchain. Industrial companies are now therefore relying upon machine learning model forecast to accustom all the protecting operations for downtime. As per the machine learning statistics, It is predicted that industrial companies will see a lift in the extensive capital assets that are accompanying the cloud and will be the top-ranking IoT trends.

4.      Integration of IoT in Manufacturing

Sensors in IoT processes can help you identify the existing machinery problems ahead of time. Such issues could easily be identified before the techs are sent to work on them. Hence, IoT will be a great help in preventive maintenance. Smart factories are now applying IoT applications and making use of wearables that helps workers get a transparent picture of factory conditions and safety. The wearables and IoT can successfully connect management to the factory floors. Moreover, wearables being connected with mobile devices further assist in time management and even allows for feedback. This IoT trend will surely boom in industrial development.

5.      Data Analytics

Data analytics are now defining their application in IoT networks. This has allowed transferring huge volumes of data to network cores resulting in upgraded performances and low latency in networking operation. To speed up the data analysis, data analytics are now integrated into various solutions. The analytics are then fed into the machine learning apps. This designing provisions IoT devices, optimization, processes, and infrastructure adaption. You will see that IoT data will now be sold as an article of trade targeting especially on appliance manufacturers. The selling of Internet of Thing data will prove to be a productive way of substantiating product viability.

6.      Adoption of IoT by The Healthcare Industry

You must be aware of how the healthcare industry is being fiddled with IoT technology for years. But now, healthcare is now making use of various devices and wearables sensors, tracking, and indoor navigating technology for factories and healthcare facilities. IoT’s characteristic to improve temperature and light control will improve the locations. As lighting plays a crucial role in patient recovery, IoT could be used to enhance lightning systems by connecting them with the deploying sensors and health monitors. IoT is seen to be making smart buildings for healthcare facilities, help them save on costs, and drive revenues.

7.      Emerging Smart Cities Through IoT Implementation

Implementation of the Internet of Things will be going to build smart cities. Even to this initial level, some US cities are making use of IoT to connect parking meters, traffic lights, and utilities. Smart city projects are now in the development process and will surely be going to spread globally in the upcoming years. These smart cities will not only make their lives comfortable for people but also improve social, financial, and environmental facets of urban living. Hence, it will prove to be improving the quality of life.

8.      IoT Will Trend in Application Development

As industries are evolving in their ways of creating mobile applications, you will see a significant role of IoT in mobile applications. New Internet of Things trends will be ruling the development of the mobile application. Applying the IoT in a mobile application will make the whole process transparent. Companies and developers will collaborate with each other and very soon you could see this with iPhone app development company as well. Mobile applications coupled with IoT technology will help businesses to provide flawless services to their customers and develop platforms that will provide lucrative outcomes.

9.      Improvement in Customer Service

In the leading year, the Internet of Thing will improve customer service to provide the needed information. Through the IoT technology, it will be easy to detect customer problems and even update companies about them. IoT data will be used to route to the company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to improve engagement hence, customer retention. These integrations will pave the way to connect the Internet of Things technology to the existing systems of businesses. In short, IoT technology is a prominent way to power the CRM system and lies among the notable consumer IoT trends.

10.  IoT Trends to Power the Smart Stores

Internet of Things will show its advancement even in smart retail stores. Helping in inventory management and recording the pattern of how the visitors are spending their time in the stores will be a milestone in making things easy in a store. All this could be done by tracking the movement of visitors and their interaction with the product using smart lightning.

 Data collected by such systems will help the owner to carry on the required improvements for the store inventory and the array to which the products are being displayed over the shelves. You will see your online shopping experience becoming a piece of cake with the help of the sensors and other smart beacon advances. IoT will let you avail the opportunity of personalized retail experience and will even contribute to increase the commercial online presence on the web.

11. Voice-Based IoT Devices

As voice consists of 80% of our communication, therefore it is quite natural to design a device that includes a voice-based user interface for IoT devices that comes under direct contact with humans. Voice shifting apart from the Mobile phones will get common in wearables, factories, cars, and even hospitals. One such example is, OrbitaASSIT IoT is a voice-activated device that serves as a bedside assistant facilitating the patient-provider communication and hence improves the patient’s experience via reduced waiting time and optimized clinical team management.

12. Trending Towards Green IoT

The green Internet of Things refers to the reduced energy consumption and moving towards a safer environment. The green IoT devices are designed in a way to improve energy-friendly nature. It brings up solutions that save resources at home and work via smart production techniques producing less waste. DEFRA (department of Environmental, Food, and Rural Affairs) has recently joined hands with Vodafone to use NB-IoT sensors to tract and monitor woodland environments.

The Bottom Line

As you read the upcoming trends of the Internet of Things, there is no doubt that you will see the IoT technology to become a standard design for innovative smart solutions. The imminent IoT will not only depend on but also direct the evolution of various technologies. Being widespread in society you will also see a significant role of security in the future of IoT. This general trend of subsidiarity of the internet through Blockchain will shape the IoT. As per the estimation of Statista, the use of IoT devices will increase up to 80 million till 2025.

The increased application of artificial intelligence and the adoption of IoT will cause the rise of smart cities. Moreover, with the increase in the bulk of data, the edge will surely become the leading computational strategy. Summing up, the Internet of Things will take up nearly all spheres of life, and hence will be a great way to transfer an exceptional idea into a real-life application.

Written by Bella Thomas

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