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TOP 3 Best GIF Finder Apps

TOP 3 Best GIF Finder Apps 1

Instantly Find Super Funny GIFs With the Best GIF Finder Apps

Today, mobile phones are like clothes – you don’t necessarily need it to survive, but if you go out without one, people will think something is wrong with you. Back in the “ancient” times (90s), you could only use a phone to have a voice chat. Then SMS and MMS showed up and finally, the Internet made everything almost obsolete.

But it didn’t stop there – to make texting more interactive, things like emojis and GIFs entered the picture and we began finding more and more ways to use them. GIFs specifically as they provide a simple and quick way to express what we think and feel in a couple of seconds long video clips. Oh, and they are an extremely fun way to pass free time. This ice face emoji an icy-blue face with gritted teeth and icicles or snowflakes frozen onto its face. from extreme cold.

Thus, to save you some time so you can spend more on having fun instead of browsing for the latest trending GIFs, I browsed for the best GIF apps and stumbled upon an interesting list I’ll share below.

Best 10 Apps for Finding GIFs by AppGrooves

Honestly, I was astounded with how many GIF apps are out there. Naturally, some are better than other ones so I decided to test them out and provide a review of the best 3.

GIPHY – User’s Ratings: 4.4 / 5, Number of Downloads: 10M

If you know anything about GIFs, you probably heard of Giphy. It has an enormous library and I wasn’t surprised when I discovered they have an app as well. I know this sounds like an obvious choice, but I just had to include it. Similar to the desktop counterpart, you can find GIFs quickly and thanks to the active community I don’t know if it’s possible to run out of a daily dosage of funny GIFs. I just don’t have any complaints about this one. You can even create your own GIFs from videos and images and get discovered by other users. It’s just one of those apps that simply works and does the expecting job.

I’m not an avid GIF user, let’s just make that clear. But I do love to watch YouTube for example. And one thing I love about YouTube is the ability to create playlists. If in some alternative universe I preferred GIFs, I’m guessing I’d want to be able to do that here as well. Unfortunately, as of this review, you can only favorite GIFs without any further organizing options.

Good: A well-designed app with zero technical flaws, great search engine, rich library
Bad: Doesn’t have sorting options

Overall: If you love GIFs, I just don’t think you can go wrong with this one

ImgPlay – User’s Ratings: 4.7 / 5, Number of Downloads: 100K

In all fairness, I don’t think ImgPlay can compete with Giphy, but I still think it deserves to be mentioned as an underdog app. You can do absolutely everything as with Giphy and it also has an app-ready share option so you can instantly upload GIFs to social media. First and foremost, I’d recommend ImgPlay to anyone who loves to create GIFs – no matter if it’s just for the giggles or maybe social media marketing. I managed to create 3 GIFs in 10 minutes while testing out the options to create a GIF from a video, images and just playing around with speed and filter options. Also, you can easily import video from other apps such as Dropbox.

The only flaw is it’s not as polished as Giphy. But I think my opinion is heavily under the influence of using Giphy first. If I didn’t know about Giphy and I found ImgPlay first, I believe I’d be completely satisfied with this one.

Good: Great for creating GIFs, easy-to-use editing, the ability to sync with other apps
Bad: Minor bugs that could be fixed in future updates

Overall: A good GIF app that could easily get better with time

GIF Keyboard by Tenor – User’s Ratings: 4.4 / 5, Number of Downloads: 10M

Honestly, I was shocked by the number of downloads this one has. It just goes to show how much people today rely on GIFs, emojis and memes to communicate. And I know one thing. When something becomes crucial, you want it to be available 24/7 – even if it’s just 4-second video clips. What makes Tenor’s app so great is how quickly you can find a GIF. And you don’t have to go anywhere while messaging. You can find it directly from your keyboard. Some people might think “so what?”, but those of you who love GIFs in your daily communication, you know what I’m talking about. Finally, you can even browse trending GIFs while chatting with friends via Whatsapp or Messenger for example.

Although a great app, it still isn’t as optimized as your default keyboard. But, the developers solved that problem by including a button so you can instantly switch between the two keyboards. The other minor flaw is it’s not compatible with other apps like Instagram or Snapchat, which is unfortunate.

Good: Easy to use and quick, perfect for GIF enthusiasts
Bad: Keyboard has minor bugs, isn’t compatible with all popular messaging apps

Overall: A powerful tool for anyone who loves using GIFs while messaging

So there you go, these are my top 3 apps for finding GIFs even while texting. Being this cultural phenomenon together with memes, we all want to find GIFs quickly so it’s no surprise so many developers decided to create apps for that. Overall, I think Giphy, ImgPlay and GIF Keyboard are everything you need, but if you know any other great apps, do let me know. Thanks for reading and enjoy your GIFs.

Written by MARGARET Jules

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