Top 4 Future Tech Courses to pursue for a future ready career

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The fascinating world of future-tech knows no bounds, as innovation and the boundaries of human achievement are continually pushed to new frontiers. In this ever-evolving landscape, the convergence of science, engineering, and imagination propels us towards a world that once seemed confined to the realm of science fiction.


From artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality to cloud technologies and machine learning (ML), the future-tech horizon is a tapestry of incredible advancements that hold the potential to reshape our lives, industries, and the very fabric of society. In order to explore the innovations, breakthroughs, and transformative changes that await us in the world of future technology, upskilling is a must and can be a game-changer.

Here are the Top 4 Future-Tech Courses to pursue for a future-ready career :

Gaming and Esports – Certificate Program: The Certificate Program in Gaming and Esports, offered in collaboration with NODWIN Gaming by Hero Vired, provides a thorough understanding of the rapidly growing gaming and eSports industries. It covers various factors that may affect their future development and growth. This online certification program offers insights into modular design, game HD, and UI optimization, and real-time game engines in this game development course.

The 6-month certificate course provides access to immersive technology content from Unity Technologies. Gain hands-on experience through a guaranteed internship with a top industry partner and stay ahead in this rapidly growing industry with analytical skills and cutting-edge knowledge.

Extended Reality – Certificate Program: Hero Vired, in partnership with Snapchat and Unreal Engine, offers a Certificate Program in Extended Reality (AR+VR). The National Skill Development Council and the Media & Entertainment Skills Council have accredited this qualification. The program prepares you for the future with interactive learning, application-based training, and examinations. Industry experts and professors from top universities provide intensive, contemporary, and individualized hands-on learning.

The 7-month training includes modules on the basics of XR, Unreal Game Engine, and Snap AR for augmented reality. A distinctive combination of virtual and in-person instruction is used to teach tools like Photoshop, Blender, and Snap AR, among others. The program’s 70%–90% live instructor–led classes encourage interactive learning and ensure that students actively engage with the subject.

DevOps and Cloud Engineering – Certificate Program: The DevOps & Cloud Engineering certificate by Hero Vired is offered in collaboration with Microsoft. This program offers 50+ live sessions featuring global and Indian experts, along with 11+ industry projects, deployments, and case studies. Additionally, you’ll receive personalized 1:1 career coaching sessions with just-in-time interview preparation to enhance your career prospects in this dynamic field.

This 7.5-month long program features a custom-curated international curriculum focused on DevOps and Cloud Engineering, equipping you with essential skills to design, configure, and deploy secure cloud storage infrastructure. The course covers key tools and techniques such as Terraform, AWS, and Ansible, ensuring you gain expertise in building robust cloud solutions.

Business Analytics and Data Science – Accelerator Program: Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science by Hero Vired is built to help you find your niche as a Data Analyst and enable you to make data-driven decisions. Integrated with the National Skill Development Corporation, this is an ideal course to uncover the techniques and concepts of data visualisation, predictive modelling, and data analytics. It offers 70+ live sessions with global and Indian faculty, and teaches tools such as Python, Excel, SQL, Power BI & Tableau. The course also offers 7+ industry projects and case studies, with a consistent personalized support and guidance throughout.

This 10-month long course has custom curated international curriculum from industry and corporate practitioners. It lays solid foundations for machine learning algorithms, mathematical and statistical models through gamified and interactive learning that enables you to make data-driven decision making.


In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, upskilling in future tech is essential to remain competitive and relevant in the job market. As technology continues to shape industries, those who continually acquire new skills and stay updated with emerging trends are better equipped to thrive. Upskilling not only enhances one’s career prospects but also enables individuals to contribute to innovation and adapt to evolving roles and responsibilities in an increasingly digital world.

Hero Vired is committed to future-proofing careers of tomorrow by helping students and professionals stay at the forefront of the ever-changing tech landscape. It will continue to grow its Future Tech portfolio by adding more relevant and futuristic courses to make the youth of India future-ready.

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