Top 5 cloud computing monitoring tools

Top 5 cloud computing monitoring tools

There is hardly any shortage when it comes to monitoring tools of cloud computing. There are several of such tools. But it is necessary to figure out the most suitable tool from the range, and as years have passed, experts have used majority of the tools, thus coming to a conclusion regarding their favorites.

Amazon Cloudwatch

It’s a monitoring cloud resource used for the apps that run on AWS, and its range of apps is wide, to allow the daily activities to run smoothly, like setting alarms or tracking files. But, there are some strategies for cloud management on multiple levels, and these were needed in the month of March 2017. The Web Services of Amazon went down because of some user errors. The error rates have been noticeably high according to the dashboard of Service Health by AWS. The sites that have been affected include Giphy, Quora, Sailthru, etc., and a few IoT devices were also affected. So, the main strategy was used to balance work on different levels.


Earlier in 2017, AppDynamics were acquired by Cisco Systems. It is a tool focusing on the management of application performance. It is in heavy competition with many other tools of application management, such as SolarWinds, Datadog, New Relic, Ca Technologies, etc. Having received the support of Cisco Systems, a whole new level should be reached by AppDynamics in business results, when there is a combination of scale and security with strengths management of applications. Several MSPs identify APM in particular, for the betterment of the experience of end customers as a result of its capabilities for the optimization of software stacks besides optimization solutions of infrastructure and hardware.


In the month of July 2016, Aternity was acquired by Riverbed Technology, a leading provider of EUE, i.e. End User Experience. After this acquisition, the performance of Steel Central by Riverbed would have received some great improvements. This leads to a high progress in the experience of end-user. Aternity already has the reputation for being capable of monitoring millions of endpoints in the desktop, mobile and virtual zones. This approach to optimization of EUE is quite advanced. Synthetic tests have been used to solve issues regarding network traffic, and the time of page loading and delays have been determined for this, with the use of JavaScript.

  1. Avnet

In the month of February 2017, Tech Data acquired Avnet, a cloud marketplace that offers comprehensive platform for cloud products or services, and makes the process of becoming cloud-enables by end-users much easier. The Cloud Marketplace by Avnet helps the partners in easily offering the cloud storefront of their own brand, besides uploading cloud services of their own.

  1. Bitnami

Bitnami offers a collection of installers. They can be called packages of software for web-based applications as well as development stacks besides virtual appliances. It is a clouding tool that helps in the monitoring of AWS by MSPs, besides the monitoring of Google Cloud, as well as Microsoft Azure. Besides, this tool also powers the clouding platform of Go Daddy, and helps in providing an installation in a single step for applications such as Drupal, WordPress, etc.

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