Top 5 Data Analytics Startups

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Top 5 Data Analytics Startups 1

Big Data Analytics is covering around 2.8K+ startups that comprise companies that are engaged in facilitating the process of examining large data. These data sets are having a variety of data types so that it can uncover hidden patterns and other essentials. This includes companies which are helpful in providing big data-based horizontal industry solutions for data discovery, data preparation, data science and advanced predictive analytics.


The top business models like an end to end analytics of retail, marketing, data integration, and streaming analytics platform are attracting major funding.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the startups emerging in the space of analytics:-

AIM Daily XO

AIM Daily XO is a data analytics startup that was founded by Hindol Basu and Bijoy Khandelwal and was later joined by Bilal Arif.

AIM Daily XO helps organizations in leveraging the power of data by using its data platform ADAPTify and its dedicated digital lab. The startup comprises of pre-built connectors to all databases, cloud storage, Big Data Storage, and enterprise Apps.

The startup provides an end-to-end data platform. They offer data integration, unstructured data management, explainable ML models, and model deployment, along with the image, text data and streaming data.


DataToBiz is a data analytics company that facilitates data science, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence technologies for all levels of enterprises. The company works with organizations from different industries that are including of EdTech, FinTech, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, IT, healthcare, and many more. Some of the services that are given by DataToBiz are data analytics consulting, data analytics as a Service, DA implementation, and DA support and evolution.

DataToBiz is basically an Indian company which is working for companies worldwide. The company provides descriptive and predictive analytics to reduce the costs, minimizing errors, and increasing ROI. DataToBiz has a huge team of experienced data strategy consultants.

Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics is a billion-dollar IT and consulting corporation which is having a global presence. Accenture Analytics makes the utilization of machine learning and applied intelligence so that it can offer innovative solutions to its clients. The company has a specialization in sensors and third-party searches to uncover hidden data.

Accenture’s predictive analytics and state-of-the-art technology have enabled the company to become one of the finest data science companies in India.

There is the availability of a huge global network, the finest data scientists, and AI experts who make valuable contributions to the field of data science.


DataChat believes in offering the Conversation Intelligence platform to its clients. DataChat uses AI and natural language technology so that it can be capable enough to conduct a range of data analysis functions that include exploratory analytics, predictive analytics, structured querying, free search querying, visualization, and more.

Initial basis, DataChat began as a research project at the University of Wisconsin in 2017 and collaborated with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. In October, the company attained $4 million in a seed funding round led by WRVI Capital and Nepenthe Capital.

Sigma Data Systems

Sigma Data Systems offers business intelligence, data science, and big data analytical services to their clients. The company helps with data analytics and visualization of the necessary information for critical problem-solving based on accurate insights. The company believes in offering a hybrid IT architecture to tackle the modern-day demands of competitive markets. Sigma Data Systems is a one-stop service provider of services like Data analytics and visualization, Advanced and video analytics, Data quality assurance, Business intelligence, and Big data consultancy, and in addition to this, the company provides round-the-clock services to its clients.

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