Top 5 Hosting Providers with Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Before you get to launch your website, several factors need to be considered to complete your setup. Aside from your website design and content, you will need to choose what type of hosting plan meets your site’s demand and budget, storage and bandwidth type. 

While there are various features for every package, the data usages and fees based on what your website uses matters and you should decide whether you’ll go for unlimited or unmetered bandwidth. However, what set’s these two apart, aren’t they the same? Why does bandwidth matter when choosing a hosting solution and which hosting providers stand out among the rest? 

What’s A Bandwidth And Why It Matters? 

The more bandwidth that your plan has, the better performance for your website. It’s defined as the amount of data, your website contents and user traffic than your hosting server can transfer at a given time. These data are measured by bytes and bits (megabits, megabytes, etc.), and the amount of time use is measured by seconds. A hosting plan with a bandwidth that offers 60Mbps means that it has 60 megabits of data transferred over your hosting server in a second. 

  • The amount of bandwidth requirements depends on your expected site traffic. Site traffic affects the number of users who visit your website. 

Even if you’re not that technical when it comes to choosing web hosting solutions, if you have poor bandwidth, it will affect your website speed, performance, and site visitor experience. Especially if your website is expected to generate a huge amount of traffic, poor bandwidth affects content sharing and adds frustration to site visitors which affects site ranking. 

Keep in mind that no site visitor would want to stay on a page that keeps loading or takes time to load. You want to avoid registering in hosting solutions that offer inadequate amounts of bandwidth. Good thing, Hosting Foundry, a reliable site that offers honest reviews and recommendations, have discovered the best hosting providers that offer top-notch features and unlimited bandwidth to maintain excellent site performance without compromising content quality at a reasonable price. 

Top 5 Excellent Hosting Providers That Offers Unlimited BandWidth

Your website’s bandwidth is traditionally measured in speed and to provide utmost site performance; you need to select web hosting solutions that offer unlimited bandwidth. While there’s no such thing as that, it’s important to find the most reliable and trusted providers based on customer feedback and insights from previous or current clients. That way, you’ll easily identify which one is the best choice.

Here are the top-rated and high-speed web hosting providers you need to consider before launching your website.

  1. Hostinger

Hostinger offers affordable web hosting solutions for your website with incredible speed and performance. It has an average global speed of 143 ms, free domain, excellent support, and offers great site velocity regardless of where you are in the world. Hostinger even offers one free domain inclusion, unlimited emails, 20GB SSD space, and unlimited bandwidth.

  1. SiteGround

SiteGround is an established web hosting provider that offers an average global speed of about 136.9 ms and is endorsed by top CMS platform—WordPress as they meet their criteria when it comes to speed, security, performance, and compatibility. They have an affordable pricing plan suitable for every type of business. SiteGround integrates with Cloudflare into their system if you need the speed on your website. 

  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers unlimited bandwidth and a global average speed of 150 ms, free website migration, unlimited SSD, and guaranteed money back if you’re not satisfied with what they offer. With optimized applications from multiple platforms to ensure that your chosen platform runs effectively, faster, and responsive every time. 

  1. BlueHost

When it comes to prominent web hosting solutions that offer high-speed website performance, BlueHost is one of the most reliable and trusted providers with over 16 years of dedicated experience. It has an average global speed of 153 ms, unlimited bandwidth, CloudFlare CDN, top-notch technical support team, and more. 

  1. Kinsta

Kinsta is another hosting provider you sure want to check with is managed WordPress hosting solutions. It has an average global speed of 179.5 ms, offers daily backups, Google cloud, a top-notch when it comes to providing excellent website speed. 


While not all hosting providers are equal, some stands out with the performance and speed they offer and that’s what you have to look forward to if you want to ensure that your site rank and visibility is improved. Only a few websites hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth. They are extra cautious about which one affects your site performance which can either lead to upscale your business or go down the drain. These top-rated providers know what you need and provide them without breaking the bank. 

If you’re running a hobby blog or small business, any of the hosting options listed above should suffice. However, if performance is a major concern, it may be best to narrow your search to find a host that prioritizes performance over just bandwidth limitations.

If you’re seeking industry-beating speed, it’s better to steer clear of these all-you-can-eat offerings, and opt for a managed, cloud-based hosting service from a provider such as Cloudways instead.

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