Top 5 influencer marketing strategies for holiday sales

Top 5 influencer marketing strategies for holiday sales

Promotional campaigns across various channels are in full swing as brands and influencers prepare for the holidays around the corner. Brands must develop unique ways to run holiday campaigns to avoid getting lost in the endless sea of promotions. For this reason, many brands rely on influencers to produce content relevant to their target audience. It is not as easy as it sounds like running a successful influencer marketing campaign. Competition is especially fierce during the holidays. This guide is an excellent resource for brands planning and executing holiday-themed campaigns. During the most beautiful time of the year, marketers should keep these five best practices in mind.

Establish Your Campaign Goals Budget influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is about defining the outcomes you want to achieve in advance. The more clearly defined your goals are, the easier it will be to plan each step of your campaign. To brief the influencers you collaborate with, you will need to set goals during the initial stage. Here’s how to set holiday campaign goals:

  • Be time-bound and specific in your goals.
  • Make them realistic
  • Establish KPIs for measuring performance
  • Once you’ve determined your holiday campaign goals, it is time to determine how much you’ll spend. You can get the most out of your holiday campaign if you plan.

Partner with influencers you’ve previously worked

Collaboration with influencers you’ve partnered with earlier can increase your chances of getting a response. It’s easy to analyze the performance of previous influencers in regards to meeting deadlines and producing relevant content. Previously partnered influencers are also easy to reach out to and propose a collaboration.

Expect a delay in response time as the year draws to a close. You should reach out early to influencers and prepare a plan B if you are denied collaboration or delayed response. Brands may even find that influencers’ fees increase during the holidays due to a greater demand for influencer-generated content, so plan your budget accordingly.

Organize a holiday giveaway 

since giving is the spirit of the season. Take advantage of the holiday season by hosting a social media giveaway. Giving away your product is a great way to promote your business and increase your social following and online engagement. Promote a sponsored giveaway with multiple influencers. Make an entry rule like following your brand on social media or commenting on the product page etc., 

Marketing your holiday kits micro-influencers  

During the holiday sale, many brands offer promotions or bundles of deals. 

  • Make use of niche micro-influencers as a marketing tool.
  • Collaborate with 10-20 influencers who are passionate about your product and who are willing to share their perspectives on why it’s a great gift. 
  • Encourage them to post 2-3 articles staggered in time. Like, during the product launch, product availability, and right before the holidays. 
  • It can amplify YouTube videos and social media posts through Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, or tweets. As a result, you can target both early and last-minute shoppers. 

Create content that stands out & promotes it wisely

Influencer activity peaks during the holiday season. There are a lot of promotional posts on social media from brands and influencers. It would help if you did something different to make your posts stand out in a competitive market. An effective content promotion strategy will ensure your posts get the engagement and reach they deserve.

For instance, 

  • Make a campaign-specific hashtag

An effective way to promote your holiday campaign is to use a hashtag. Many marketers employ this strategy, and you should try it too.

  • Utilize popular and specific holiday hashtags

One of the best ways to boost the popularity of your social media posts is by using hashtags. You can use holiday-related hashtags in your posts, such as #holidaystyle, #christmasdecor, #newyearspecial, etc.

To conclude, holiday campaigns are among the most engaging in the year. Many shoppers are ready to shop but confused about where to begin. Consumers may be overwhelmed with holiday ads, and using influencers is a smart way to engage with them. Thus, you should create content that addresses their needs and is authentic. Get into the game now. Become the brand customers would care.  

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  1. Instagram Loop Giveways will also can be great strategies using Influencer for holidays sales. Brands can provide the discount or coupons in giveaway can drag the very relevant potetail audience that can improve the sale and revenue.

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