Top 5 Ordinals Wallets, Reviewed for 2024

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Bitcoin ordinals are a significant innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem, helping unique digital assets to thrive on the world’s leading blockchain. To manage these new types of assets, you need a wallet compatible with Bitcoin ordinals. 


Read on to discover the best ordinals wallets available today.

Understanding Bitcoin Ordinals

Bitcoin ordinals are unique digital assets on the Bitcoin network created by using the Ordinals protocol and inscribing data onto the smallest unit of Bitcoin, the satoshi. These inscriptions can encapsulate data such as text, images, videos, and even games. 

Advances in the Bitcoin protocol, such as Taproot and SegWit, have paved the way for the Ordinals protocol and, subsequently, for these unique digital assets, creating a new market for NFTs on Bitcoin. 

Top 5 Bitcoin Ordinals Wallets for 2024

Let’s explore the leading wallets you can use to store your Bitcoin ordinals securely.


Xverset is an ordinals wallet available as both a Chrome extension and a mobile app for Android and iOS. As a non-custodial wallet, it ensures you maintain control over your private keys. 

Xverse is user-friendly and supports buying, selling, inscribing, and storing ordinals, making it one of the best Ordinals wallet for mobile and desktop use. 


  • Simplified interface: Easy-to-navigate for all user levels.
  • Versatile access: Available as both a mobile app and a Chrome extension.
  • Enhanced security: Features Ledger hardware wallet support for cold storage and multisig capabilities through the Asigna wallet.
  • Market integration: Seamlessly connects with leading ordinals marketplaces.


  • Limited advanced tools: Lacks sophisticated charting tools for expert traders.

OKX Web3 Wallet

OKX offers a Web3 wallet with ordinals support, available as a browser extension, desktop application, and mobile app. This non-custodial wallet ensures your private keys remain secure while providing extensive functionality for managing your ordinals.


  • Multiple platforms: Accessible on desktop (macOS and Windows), mobile (Android and iOS), and as a browser extension.
  • Cross-chain swaps: Facilitates token swaps across different networks.
  • Market access: Integrates with marketplaces for seamless ordinals trading.


  • Steep learning curve: Its advanced features may be overwhelming for beginners.


The UniSat wallet, exclusively available as a browser extension, offers a user-friendly experience for ordinals collectors who prefer Chrome extensions to manage their assets. This non-custodial wallet supports a variety of Bitcoin-native tokens and includes a native marketplace for trading Bitcoin NFTs.


  • Multi-asset support: Can store a wide range of Bitcoin-native tokens.
  • Integrated marketplace: Connects directly to the UniSat marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.


  • Desktop only: No mobile version available, limiting accessibility.

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet is an ordinals wallet that can be accessed through a browser extension or desktop app. It is non-custodial and allows for seamless connection with various Bitcoin Web3 apps for minting, buying, and selling ordinals.


  • User-friendly design: Simplified, minimalist interface ideal for new users.
  • Versatile: Supports a wide range of Bitcoin assets.


  • Limited accessibility: Only available as a desktop app and browser extension, and it has fewer features than other wallets.

MetaMask + Generative

The Generative wallet built on the MetaMask wallet enables ordinals storage within the MetaMask environment. Available as a browser extension and mobile app, this non-custodial wallet allows integration with various decentralized apps (dApps), although it requires manual addition of the Bitcoin network.


  • Marketplace integration: Open-source code facilitates integration with other marketplaces or projects.


  • Complex setup: Requires manual configuration to add the Bitcoin network, which may be challenging for novices.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the best ordinals wallet depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, the wallets listed above offer a range of features to help you manage your Bitcoin ordinals securely and efficiently. 

Choose the one that best suits your requirements to ensure a smooth experience in the Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem.

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