Top 5 services for paying Google Ads.

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Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 1

The question of payment for advertising is crucial in digital marketing. The choice of payment instrument significantly affects the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. It determines the overall budget allocation and the speed of implementing the media buying plan. Modern financial platforms allow payments for advertising on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other popular platforms using virtual cards specifically designed for this purpose.


Let’s consider the most popular ones:


PSTNET is a versatile financial platform offering a wide range of virtual cards (Visa/Mastercard). With these cards, you can pay for services online, make purchases in online stores, or buy advertising on any popular platform. There are cards for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, TikTok, suitable for both individual work and teamwork. You can top them up with any cryptocurrency or bank transfer. 3D Secure protection ensures a high level of payment security. Payment is available in dollars or euros.

According to professional media buyers, PSTNET provides the best credit card for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, TikTok, and other popular platforms.

Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 2

The following advantages of such cards are highlighted:

  • Ability to manage team expenses: set limits, allocate roles, receive requests for card top-ups, and operation reports.
  • Balance can be replenished through various methods: USDT TRC20, BTC, and 15 other cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, or via another Visa/Mastercard.
  • No commissions: on transactions, withdrawals, cancellation of payments, or operations with blocked or frozen cards.
  • Free cards available based on monthly expenditure levels.
  • Cards are issued instantly after registration and can be used immediately.
  • No need for documents to activate the first card.
  • Registration takes a couple of minutes and can be done via Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, Apple account, or email.
  • Premium BINs from US and European banks minimize the risk of payment declines.
  • Convenient BIN checker available on the website.
  • Accessible customer support: available 24/7, easy to contact managers via Telegram or email.
  • Easy to track notifications via Telegram chatbot or personal account on the website.
Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 3

Media buyers have the opportunity to join PST Private program, where they can issue up to 100 cards simultaneously. There is a 3% cashback on advertising purchases and a 3% commission on card reloads. The first month comes at half price – a 50% discount is promised for it. There’s no need to confirm advertising expenses.

  1. Flexcards

Flexcards issues virtual cards (Visa/Mastercard) that are also suitable for advertising payments. You can choose a card in dollars or euros. All cards have a minimum reload limit of $50.

Users note the following features of these cards:

Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 4

  • It’s possible to quickly issue a large number of cards.
  • Registration takes up to 24 hours: after filling out the form, you need to contact a manager. They will verify the information, after which your account will be activated. You just need to confirm the account via email.
  • Card issuance is paid: the cost starts from 2 euros.
  • There are no maintenance fees.
  • Reload fees vary, starting from 3.5%.
  • There are many different BINs, updated every 4 months.
  • There is an option to allocate roles within a team.
  • The team leader can manage the expenses of other participants: set limits and check the available balance.
  • You can reload via bank transfer, Capitalist, or partner balance.
  • Customer support operates from 10 to 22 (GMT +3), with responses available via Telegram chat or email.

The service offers virtual Visa/MasterCard cards. They are intended solely for payment of advertising campaigns. Cards can be issued in unlimited quantities. The cost of each card is fixed at 5 euros per unit. Maintenance for each card is also charged at 5 euros per month. Advertising can be paid for in dollars, euros, or British pounds.
Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 5

Media buyers highlight the following features of the cards:

  • You can choose whether to issue cards with or without 3D Secure.
  • BINs come in three types: UK, Bulgaria, and Ireland.
  • Instant card issuance; you can issue multiple cards simultaneously.
  • Cards can be topped up via USDT and wire transfer.
  • Low top-up fees. For example, via USDT, it’s 1.5%.
  • You can create a team account: it will have an administrator assigned with additional functionality.
  • Support is available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm (MSK).
  • A cashback program is available if you join the service’s referral program.

The platform issues digital prepaid Visa and Mastercard cards for purchasing advertising. There is additional functionality for team collaboration that can be configured in the user’s account settings.

Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 6

The features of the cards are as follows:

  • USA BINs
  • Cards are issued for free with a minimum turnover of $40,000 per month
  • There is a 3.5% commission on reloads
  • The first card can be obtained in approximately 10 minutes
  • Convenient to reload the account from advertising accounts
  • Up to 100 digital cards can be issued for free per month. Each card beyond this number will cost $0.50 each.
  1. Mybrocard 

Mybrocard offers virtual cards for paying for advertising campaigns or making purchases in online stores. It features team functionality, allowing users to manage team members and assign roles.

Features of the cards:
Top 5 services for paying Google Ads. 7

  • To register, you need to fill out a form and undergo an interview.
  • Card replenishment is done through Capitalist, USDT, WIRE, or the Marketcall partner network.
  • The minimum replenishment amount is $500.
  • To replenish the card, you need to send a request to the support service manager.
  • The commission size for replenishment depends on the method of fund transfer.
  • There are no commissions for internal payments.
  • The commission for international transfers is 1% + $0.30.
  • The commission for declined card transactions is fixed at 0.5%.
  • There are three types of BINs (USA).
  • The support service processes requests within 1 day to 14 business days.
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