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Top 5 well funded AI startups Worldwide

Top 5 well funded AI startups Worldwide 1

Artificial intelligence, in many forms, is going to continue in redefining how people think about school, government, daily life and work. And startups that aren’t leveraging the use of AI are starting to fall behind rest in the pack. The artificial intelligence is in the growing phase, and being the well funded categories. The startups in space give services that will range from the automated data compilation from the unstructured sources and real-time data synthesis and analysis. Here are 5 biggest AI startups of the world.

  1. Sensetime

SenseTime develops the face recognition technology, which one can apply in the payment and the picture analysis that can be used, for example, on the bank verification or security systems. SenseTime currently provides the face recognition system to more than 300 companies that includes China Mobile Communication, Huawei Technologies, China UnionPay, Xiaomi & Inc. The face recognition technology by Sensetime has the error rate of below 1 in 100,000. They also provide vehicle, text, and image recognition technology to the mobile Internet companies, security companies and financial services.

  1. Toutiao

Toutiao is the content platform, which allows people to discover the world of content that is powered by the artificial intelligence technology. By using the Natural Language Processing & Computer Vision, they extract keywords and entities as the features from the content. As the feed reader app tries to incorporate the relevant contents for the users by slowly learning what readers enjoy through the analysis of the data obtained from the social networking accounts. Toutiao joined Buzzfeed to distribute the entertainment content to Chinese audience of over 120 million.

  1. Kreditech

Kreditech mission is improving the financial freedom for underbanked with use of the technology. Combining the nontraditional machine learning and data sources, this company is aiming hard to provide an access to the better credit and higher convenience for the digital banking services. Product offerings will include a digital wallet, consumer loans, and personal finance manager that are designed to help the customers to manage the credit score as well as plan the spending. Kreditech offers the “Lending as Service” model, which allows the partners to integrate the Kreditech’s products through an API in their platform or services.

  1. Acorn

ACORN is the fintech company focused in unlocking potential in the bespoke SME using its technology and data platform — ACORN machine. They help to automate the processes implementing the leveraging process excellence, from machine learning and data driven decision across a loan lifecycle. This platform collects plenty of data items on the SMEs across different parameters, segments, and markets, as well as uses the machine learning algorithms for identifying data that the lenders have to make informed credit choice through the detailed line underwriting.

  1. Argo AI

Argo was founded to handle the highest challenging applications in the computer science, artificial intelligence and robotics with the self driving vehicles. They are developing & deploying the modern advancements in the artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to help to build the safe and the efficient vehicles that allow such transformations and lots more.

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