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Top 5 WordPress Donation plugin's 1

One of the the most powerful features of using WordPress is the number of diverse options for plug-ins that you can expect using. But, selecting the best ones can easily be troublesome and time-consuming, and therefore you need article guides like these to aid you in selecting the best possible option. There are many popular and powerful plug-ins that can be used for donation purposes on WordPress and all those plug-ins can be used for independent content creators as well.


In case if you want to monetize your content, the following are some of the best donation plug-ins that you can use for your WordPress website:

  1. Donorbox

Donorbox is not only just a WordPress donation website plug-in but Donorbox is also used by website builders and CMSs as well. The main benefit of using Donorbox donation software is mainly the intuitive UI and also has support for recurring donations as well. The process will just take 15 minutes, in order to get embedded into your website.

“The fee is 1.5% per month once your overall donation amount goes above $1000 per month. Donorbox WordPress donation plugin is free to use until the $1000 mark, and any amount above that – it will be 1.5% of your total donations.”

  1. Charitable

This is a free WordPress plug-in that has support for geo-location, videos, user avatars, simple updates, anonymous donations and will also come with one year of premium support as well. The developers give you the option to get the plug-in for free, and in return, you can donate some money to the developers, as a kind of nice gesture.

The premium membership starts at $99 and can go up to $249 per year. The premium version comes with newsletter integration, support for digital downloads, payment gateways that are premium, support for gifts, etcetera.

  1. Give

If you want the maximum number of features, then this should be your instant pick. This donation plug-in is miles better than any other donation plug-in the market, not only in terms of functionality and add-ons but also looks and pricing. The plug-in has a freemium model, where you will be given a default amount of features in the free version, and in case if you want more features, you have to add more add-ons.

The add-on bundles start at $15 per month or could decide to pay for each add-on individually. It has support for recurring donations, PDF receipts, Google analytics donation tracking, etcetera.

  1. PayPal Donations

It might seem that this plug-in is an afterthought, but you will seriously be surprised by how much powerful and sleek looking plug-in this is. PayPal knows how to do donations in the right way, and this is due to the company supporting and accepting donations for some time now.

The main joy of using PayPal Donations lies in its simplicity. It can be used by beginners and you just have to insert the shortcode or activate the widget on any page of your website, and you’re good to go. Obviously, you have to link your PayPal account as well.

  1. Seamless Donations

This is another feature-packed, yet free to use donation plug-in for your WordPress website. You will have the option to buy add-ons and extensions, much like the Give plug-in. The whole set up can be done within just five minutes, and you need to link in your PayPal account and don some tweak on the settings.

The plug-in does not have any transaction fees, and the developers make their income by selling add-ons and extensions. The plug-in has strong language support, so you can receive a donation from anywhere in the world.

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