Top 6 Cloud Computing Online Courses To Supercharge Your Career in 2022

Top 6 Cloud Computing Online Courses To Supercharge Your Career in 2022 1

“Cloud is everywhere.” This phrase is known by almost everyone. Organizations, companies, and individuals are using the cloud directly or indirectly in their daily workings. There are several advantages of cloud computing that bring a drastic change in the digital world and our routine tasks. Cloud helps companies to cut down on hardware and keeping systems, reduce paper waste, and allow accessibility from any location. Cloud computing has become a buzzword for several reasons and gaining popularity rapidly. It is witnessed that cloud computing adoption is the fastest one into mainstream life than any other technology in today’s competitive digital world.

Cloud computing is becoming a crucial part of organizations and individual users as it can solve many problems faced by average users as well as large companies. Cloud services can be found in many forms such as Google Drive and Apple iCloud which allows users to secure documents, pictures, contacts, videos, and a lot more online. Simply, cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate and it is becoming more and more important as it offers flexibility, less maintenance, data recovery, easy access, and undoubtedly a higher level of security. It leads to a higher demand for cloud computing experts. Therefore several companies are providing cloud computing course to offer skilled experts in this domain.

This article will focus on some of the cloud computing online courses that can supercharge your cloud career.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that delivers IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing so that you don’t need to buy, own, and maintain physical data servers and centers. With cloud computing technologies, you can access computing power, databases, networking, analytics, intelligence, and storage services on a required basis from cloud providers like AWS (Amazon webs services), Google Cloud services, Microsoft Azure services, etc. It offers faster, flexible, and innovative resources that too in an economical way. It helps you run your operations more efficiently and scale up as your business requires change and improvement.

As we know there are a thousand types of businesses that require different kinds of IT solutions. So many different types of cloud solutions available can fit their needs. Many different cloud models, services, and types can help organizations offer the right solution for their needs. There are three ways to deploy cloud services: Public cloud, Private cloud, and Hybrid cloud.

Here public cloud is owned by cloud service providers that offer computing resources such as storage, servers, etc over the internet. On the other side, the private cloud is used by a single business or organization and can be located on the company’s on-site data center. Hybrid cloud solutions are the combination of public and private clouds bound together by technology.

Cloud Computing Online Courses

The increased demand for cloud experts has also increased demand for cloud computing courses that can supercharge and boost your career growth. Let us have a look at a few important cloud computing online courses.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training by Simplilearn- This Amazon certification is a top-class certification for any cloud expert. It provides you with AWS (Amazon Web Services) experiences and enables you to pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam. This course will help you learn the details of the AWS platform and to use AWS to design and create resilient and scalable applications. It can also help you explore VPC, EMR, Cloud Front, EC2, Route53, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, RedShift, etc.
  • Getting Started with Cloud Computing – Level 1- As the name shows it is an entry-level course that is specially designed for those who are new to cloud computing concepts and want to start their cloud journey from scratch. You will learn the fundamentals of cloud, evolution from, traditional IT to cloud services, other cloud services models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS; Cloud deployment models: Public, private, and hybrid; and the advantages of public cloud services.
  • Cloud Computing Concepts by Coursera- This course is considered one of the best online courses to learn about the basics of Cloud Computing. It provides self-paced learning options, graded assignments with peer feedback, practice quizzes, graded quizzes, and also sharable certificates. This course helps you to retain the knowledge and also helps you learn different areas of cloud computing.
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization [Coursera]- This course is specially designed to learn cloud computing basics and help you prepare for the Azure Fundamental exams. It is offered by Microsoft and is perfect to start a cloud career. This certification involves four courses that can increase your fundamental knowledge to pass the AZ-900 certification exam. It covers topics such as Azure concepts, core Microsoft Azure services, general security, and network security, core solutions, and management tools, Governance, privacy, compliance features that include Microsoft Azure cost management and service level agreements, etc.
  • Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification- This google cloud Certification is a must to learn if someone wants to learn Google Cloud. It enables you to learn google cloud basics such as how to set up a Google Cloud environment that involves projects, tools, billing accounts, security, and access.
  • Associate Cloud Engineer certification- This course is offered by Coursera, which teaches you about cloud set up, configure, and deploy a solution in the Google Cloud. It is a high-level course that requires some knowledge and experience with IP networking, virtual machines, and Web servers along with the GCP experience. An attraction for this certification course is its availability with subtitles in English, Portuguese (Brazilian), French, German, Spanish, Indonesian, and Japanese.

You can opt for any of the above courses according to your pace, requirements, and experience. So start practicing today to land in your dream career zone.

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