Top 7 Ways To Keep Your Contractors And Freelancers Satisfied

Top 7 Ways To Keep Your Contractors And Freelancers Satisfied 1

As a business owner, you are always looking for a solution to keep your business running smoothly. If you have freelancers working for your company, just like your regular employees, it‘s important to keep them happy. Also, it is important to hire an adequate freelancer for the job that needs to be done.

So, if you want to avoid wasting money and time on contractors and freelancers who disappear, the implementation of a professional freelance management system is something that should be held in high regard. However, besides having the latest freelance management system in place to keep everything organized, there are many ways to keep your workforce happy and content that you should implement in your day-to-day operations. Below are just a few of them.  

Allow Flexibility In Their Work Schedule  

A lot of people are attracted to freelance work because it gives them the freedom to set their hours and work from home or wherever they please. That means it’s important for freelancers to feel like they have some autonomy over their schedule when working with clients. 

If possible, allow them to choose when they’ll be available during normal business hours or give them a window during which they can expect messages from you so they know what’s expected of them. This will help ensure that both parties are getting what they signed up for in the first place.  

Provide Them With A Clear And Complete Set Of Instructions  

Be sure to provide your freelancer or contractor with a clear and complete set of instructions on what needs to be done, including any steps required to complete their assignment. If there are details that need to be included in these instructions, make sure they know what those details are. This will help them start working on the project right away and finish it as soon as possible.  

Make Sure They Know What You Want To Be Completed By A Specific Date And Time  

In addition to providing your freelancer or contractor with clear instructions on what needs to be done, make sure they know when their assignment should be completed. This way there will be no questions about whether or not their work is done in time for a specific event or deadline. If you have a specific date and time in mind for when this work should be completed, let them know upfront so they can plan and finish it on time.  

Be Timely With Your Replies  

One of the best ways to keep your team happy is by being timely with your replies. People like to know that they are being taken seriously, so if they send you an email or text message and don’t get a reply within 30 minutes, then they may feel unimportant or not valued. Try to be as quick as possible when replying to emails from your team, but don’t overdo it either. Try sending out emails at certain times during the day, such as once every two hours in the morning or afternoon if possible. This will make it easier for everyone on your team to get their questions answered quickly.   

Provide Structure And Regular Feedback  

One of the biggest issues freelancers have when it comes to working remotely is a lack of structure. Without a manager or anyone else around, it can be hard for freelancers to know what’s expected of them. This makes it harder for them to get their work done and increases the likelihood that they’ll leave their job. Set clear expectations for what your team needs to accomplish and give regular feedback on their progress. This will help them feel like they’re making progress towards a goal and increase morale in general.  

Offer Competitive Rates And Benefits  

When you’re looking for new talent, make sure your pay is competitively priced with other companies in the area. If it’s not, consider raising pay or lowering workloads so you can stay competitive. If you don’t have the money to do this, consider finding another way to save money that doesn’t affect your employees’ paychecks (such as reducing office expenses).  

Avoid Micromanaging  

Micromanaging is one of the biggest reasons why people dislike working for others—it makes them feel like they aren’t trusted or valued as professionals. It’s important not to micromanage when you’re hiring freelancers and contractors so that they feel like they can do their jobs without being watched over constantly. 

You should also avoid micromanaging once they’re hired—it’s better for them to take ownership over their projects and manage themselves than for you to do it for them. If there are issues or concerns with their work quality, check in every once in a while, but don’t be a nuisance.  

To Sum Up  

To keep your freelancer and contractors as happy, productive, and dedicated as possible, you’ll need to place an effort into ensuring that these individuals are not just getting paid but also feel appreciated for their hard work. These simple tips above help you and your team save time, energy, and money. 

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