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Top Companies in Cloud Computing League

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Cloud computing has become one of the most rampant platforms used by firms all over the world. Potential abilities of cloud computing are limitless. Cloud computing platform offers various beneficiaries to firms with multiple businesses. All organizations from high-end to low-end have begun to utilize cloud computing in order to increase their productivity, value and consequently have an edge over their competitors. There are various cloud delivery models existing in the same market. Hence, it becomes a pre-requisite to choose the right type of Cloud Company for your firm’s growth.

Here are some of the top-notch cloud computing companies that have secured an unswerving spot in the market of cloud computing industry,

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services traces its origin back to South Africa in 1996 where a team of Amazon cloud engineers discovered it and has now eventually become one of the largest cloud computing companies. This cloud company offers infrastructure services such as computing power, database storage and more. They utilize some of the most popular tools and services. They also have proven to be the most accomplished in the market of cloud companies.

Google Cloud Platform:

GCP offers services of SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS. These are accessible in public, private and hybrid cloud models. This type of platform suits the most when you desire of editing your files in a very swift yet effective pattern. Google cloud platform is a Google-hosted technology that offers a broad range of products and services like Big Query, Cloud IoT, Cloud IAM, Cloud SDKs, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Virtual Private Cloud and more.

Microsoft Cloud Azure:

Microsoft Cloud Azure is also one amongst the widely preferred cloud computing platforms, hailing under its parent company Microsoft. This platform also utilizes a variety of tools, frameworks, and different operating systems. The services in the form of cloud models offered by this platform encompass One Drive, Office 360, Azure and more. Microsoft One Drive is one of the most rampantly utilized services as it provides the benefits of cost efficiency and reliable storage facilities depending on customer requirements. Microsoft cloud platform also offers the services of SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS.

IBM Cloud:

The IBM Bluemix cloud platform supports combination of cloud communications and subsequently helps in achieving high performance at work. IBM Cloud platform offers the services of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS by the cloud distribution models provided with the finest assistance. IBM cloud also offers hybrid cloud and cloud with a superlative combination for the most optimistic outcome.


Rackspace cloud offers services like Cloud Backup, Cloud servers, Cloud Files, Databases and more. Rackspace cloud platforms are preeminent in terms of their performance as the services IAAS and PaaS such as public or hybrid clouds are with enhanced performance. Rackspace utilizes compression and encryption techniques and furnishes low-cost file-level backups.

Oracle Cloud:

Oracle Cloud also falls under the category of most sought after cloud computing companies. It offers a cloud-based data environment. These platforms support services as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Oracle Cloud helps enhancing the flexibility and agility of business processes.

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