Top Digital Nomad Apps that help in work and travel

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Top digital nomad apps that help in work and travel

Digital Nomad by the very name indicates life of people who love to travel or have travel a very crucial part of their life and they work through gadgets be it mainly the laptops or mobile phones or even tablets. Digital Nomads mostly work in the field of technology, as through internet, they can stay connected to their work even from remote place. As we all know, technology has changed the definition of work life pattern, where you don’t always need to visit office, it’s all about doing the work assigned and doing it with passion.


However, being a digital nomad also have their own share of challenges and it is not all easy to make the work successful, including the need for reliable technology and communication tools.  Being a digital nomad means you are totally dependent on the laptop/mobile phone for your work communications. If technology and gadget are not there then digital nomad cannot survive. Tools like high-speed internet, virtual meeting software, project management tools, and online collaboration platforms are some of the key ones through which work of digital nomads run. With the right tools in place, digital nomads can work efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world.

Top Tools for Digital Nomad to work and travel

1.VPN – We all know about the safety , security and some key IP related tracking’s and blockage that happens in certain geo locations. As a result VPN is the key. Without VPN, many digital nomad’s are almost handicapped, as there are many applications or browser or some social media platforms that are banned or restricted to access . That’s when through VPN one can use their native country IP and resume with work without any hindrance.

2. Wise/ Trasferwise or any payment platform- Wise being one of the most used platforms world-wide. For a digital nomad getting payments and making payment transactions is very important to stay afloat. As without payments in your account you cannot survive. Thus, digital nomad looks for online transaction mode that can be fast, easy and have most used currency converter modes and with little to zero transaction tax. There is pioneer, stripe and many others apart from Wise which are also used on a large scale.

3. The WorkFrom app is an essential tool for best places for digital nomads instead of traditional coworking spaces. This app allows you to easily discover the best cafes to work from and provides valuable information about the availability of power outlets, wifi, and comfortable seating. Although it will not be as accurate as you want it to, as all cafes will not be listed there , but is very effective travel – work companion when you looking for places to sit and work. With the WorkFrom app, you can increase your productivity and work comfortably in cafes that meet your specific needs.

4. Time Zone tracker – Tools like Travel buddy are like a blessing in disguise as they become your needed entity outside your home country. With work of Digital nomads mostly being around remote jobs, thus time zones in different country is very crucial for communication. To track of the meeting time calls as per various country times , a time zone tracker assistant is a neccessiity.

5. Task management apps are key to any digital nomad who need to stay organized and productive while working remotely. Digital nomads mostly juggle multiple projects and tasks at the same time. A task management app helps you keep track of all your tasks, deadlines, and priorities in one place, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. You can collaborate with your team members, even if you are not physically in the same location. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, and share progress updates with ease.

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