TOP featured Applications using AI

AI means a lot of things and hence, the wider its user base becomes, the wider will become its applications. Hence, the kind of techniques being utilized currently varies too which makes it necessary to categorize them according to their area of concern as well as ambitions. Here are some of the most effective techniques that are gaining currency in AI and these techniques fit almost all businesses. Also, each of these techniques bring out different responses from the customers which makes it easier to club them under specific groups.

Attracting visitors with inbound techniques

This area concerns the SEO, content marketing and other modes of persuasion to bring more traffic to your website to kick-start your product. AI is now generating content which revolutionizes the very scope of it. AI content software is already in the market and can create human-like content when fed with proper content data sets. It can also curate content to make sure your visitors stay on the site and also show them according to relevance. For subscription-based or e-commerce based sites, this is surely a boon.

AI can also use voice search to aim towards a futuristic scope of SEO to enhance the organic nature of searching. In fact, AI can also help you target ads to the right audience by programming the ad traffic to appear on proper websites so that the right buyers get redirected to it.

Increasing customer awareness

By feeding huge amount of data, machine learning can create a predictive model out of it. It is the base of predictive analytics and that can surely the change the marketing game. You can tell which customer is likelier to buy and which customer will not purchase again in some time from your website. Such a model can also be used to evaluate other features such as leads. Now, you can now which market leads will fare better than others and which sales consultancies will reap profit. In short, your discounts will be used better and sales team will not be searching needles in haystacks.

Of course, that brings the question of ads too as you now know which ads brought you the money and which ads didn’t. The more historical data you get, the more precise your prediction will become. So, you get to optimize the many variables at work and make your ads perform better.TOP featured Applications using AI

Converting potential customers into real ones

Sales are necessary for all businesses, but giving unnecessary sales can hurt your profit margin. While you sale a lot, you miss out on extracting the higher price from a particular group of people who would’ve paid the asked price. Dynamic pricing takes care of it by targeting the discounts to the groups that would only buy when the sale is on and machine learning allows such a model to be built.

Also, the propensity model can help you understand which stage the customer is in to target the content properly. A novice is more likely to respond to content than an experienced one who knows the way around. Chatbots are similar tools powered by AI and available over social media and all e-commerce sites. They respond to customer queries and help you reach the exact product you are looking for. You can also use AI to repeat the ads that brought the customers depending on the repeat value of it to the customer.

Engaging the customer

This is surely the trickiest bit of all marketing strategies and it is here AI is creating revolutions. You can now everything about your customer’s likings by simply working on the increasing historical data. Extremely effective for all kinds of e-commerce sites, you can ensure that your customer stays hooked to the content and keeps discovering new, favoured contents by your intelligent searching. Machine learning can work on billions of data points to know what time of contact will fetch the business and what kind of text will make the impact. More importantly, email marketing is rejuvenated with AI as you can now direct personalized emails to each customer so that they don’t end up in spam or promotions tab. You can also subscribe to such mail services that will update you about the specific products and their changed pricings.

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