Top NFT restaurants that boosts crypto usage

Top NFT resturants that boosts crypto usage

A New Dish on the Menu:

Are you looking for the next big development in the blockchain and crypto industry? Or perhaps NFTs pique your interest?

Well, NFT restaurants might be your next big hobby! Blending the online and offline worlds, this new addition to the long list of use cases for NFTs has begun to gain serious traction in both the blockchain and hospitality industries. 

But what makes NFT restaurants tick? What makes them stand out among the sea of unique offerings that are on the market today? Let us look at various factors, and fascinating concepts that you can find out there!

Culinary Crypto:

  1. The Flyfish Club: Opening in 2023 at an undisclosed location in New York, the only way to enter this exclusive establishment is to purchase an NFT access token! It is a testament to the exclusivity that NFTs can offer, ensuring that its services are available only to those who are familiar – and engage – with crypto.
  2. Crypto Street Restaurant: In operation since December 2021 in Clearwater Beach, Florida, this restaurant is all about crypto! Where else would you get dishes like the DeFi Caesar Salad, Crypto Cuban Sandwich or “dogedogs”? It is not just the menu, but the ambience is also touted to encourage discussions around crypto and even investment opportunities!
  3. Dogeburger: The first crypto-themed restaurant in Dubai began early this year in February. Inspired by Dogecoin and started by virtual restaurant giant Rocket Kitchens, it offers doorstep delivery of a variety of unique, crypto-themed burgers. What’s more, you are actually encouraged to pay using cryptocurrencies. Dogeburger is the perfect merging of the online and offline advantages that crypto has to offer!
  4. Lion’s Milk Cafe: This Brooklyn based restaurant is committed to offering the best rates for its crypto-paying customers, looking to reduce gas fees and make the best deals out of its services! It is also a great spot for hosting crypto related events, and features a collection of Profile Picture NFTs as a part of its ambience. Crypto users looking to grab a cup of cappuccino are sure to love its unique setting and flexible options!
  5. Authentic Burger Boy: With a unique recipe along with a ton of flavor, the Authentic Burger Boy NFTs are a virtual treat like their offline counterparts. With a collection of 9000 unique NFTs, the brand is definitely placing a huge bet on its growth in the crypto sector, allowing its users to invest trade and generally engage with cryptocurrencies! They all feature unique artwork on the original logo, such as the Fancy Boy with his moustache, bowtie and top hat while Moon Boy could be mistaken for an astronaut, making them rare and perhaps very valuable!
  6. CamboFlare: This Asian fusion restaurant has definitely leveraged the power of crypto! Accepting payments in a variety of currencies, the restaurant is committed to delivering a seamless experience for its customers while also offering unique flavors and dishes that are sure to please the palate! CamboCoin, its own currency, is also in development to make a unique, seamless and convenient experience!
  7. Goi Rolls: The next NFT restaurant focuses on rolls, with tastes originating in Vietnam. Goi Rolls is unique because its entire menu is in NFTs, and each of the NFTs minted allows users to purchase their food in the real world according to its value. This is arguably the best way to encourage the use of crypto!
  8. Bored and Hungry: Our next stop is in California, with Bored and Hungry named after the popular Bored Apes collection. Not only does the ambience feature NFT collections, the signature logo is one of the widely popular Bored Apes themselves! It also offers NFTs as rewards letting you get free food and even access to local music festivals around you. This could be very useful in bridging the gap between digital currencies and real world experiences in a meaningful way!
  9. Welly’s: The SHIBA-INU inspired fast food chain situated at Naples, Italy was launched in February 2022. They not only excel in selling excellent burgers and fries, but they also create awareness about the Ethereum based cryptocurrency SHIBA-INU. All the food items come in a packaged box that has the image of the dog that appears on the cryptocurrency. The vital reason being that the restaurant runs on SHIB blockchain technology. 

How is NFT going to influence the food industry?

With the way the above-mentioned restaurants function using blockchain technology at its heart, the restaurant business is bound to take a turn for the future. NFT restaurants encourage company owners to think beyond the box, while consumers can relax, dine, and reap the benefits.

Even better, crypto and cuisine enthusiasts can now connect like never before. Whether it’s over a huge plate of food, comparing each other’s food-related tokens, or paying for their satiated tummies with their preferred cryptocurrency.

Written by Srikanth

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