Top No-Code platforms to bank on in 2022

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Top No-Code platforms to bank on in 2022 1
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No-code is a revolutionary concept that has not just accelerated the time-to-market for any business, but has helped them easily automate their workflows. But do all the no-code platforms fit the bill? Definitely not and therefore it is mandatory for any business to invest in the right technology while choosing the no-code partner. These platforms allow businesses to build their own apps, websites, chatbots etc in simple DIY steps without making the efforts to acquire coding skills. As we approach the year end and usher in the new year, we  have compiled a list of top no-code platforms to bank on in 2022.


Appy Pie

This Noida-based multinational cloud-based no-code platform is one of the most popular in the segment. Appy Pie has to its credit the maximum downloads for any no-code app globally on Google Play Store. On a subscription-based model, the platform allows users to build their own apps, websites, design etc. Appy Pie also recently launched a Virtual Assistant and Conversational AI-powered Answer chatbot, which is touted as a next-generation chatbot. Other advanced no-code services offered by Appy Pie can be leveraged by businesses to automate their internal processes by integrating multiple apps used for operations. In addition to it, the platform provides no-code courses for students as well as professionals.


Zapier, another name in the no-code space, boasts of enabling businesses build apps and create automated workflows with minimal clicks. It also integrates thousands of web tools or applications to ease the overall workflow. Another remarkable service provided by Zapier is marketing automation, which is designed to empower smaller businesses. With this platform, one can start workflows from any app, finish routine tasks automatically and go from idea to workflow within just minutes.


Bubble is one of the fastest growing no-code platforms globally, designed especially to empower entrepreneurs to build production ready web apps. The foremost USP of the ‘zero code leader’ is its prototype, which allows one to demonstrate the idea before investing in technical resources. With Bubble, businesses can build customer facing web platforms in relatively shorter span of time and it allows everyone in a team to make required changes without needed the guidance of the developers. The platform offers full functionality no code services.


Salesforce is a no/low code platform that leads the race when it comes to enabling a faster as well as a simpler CRM. Using the features offered by Salesforce, one can easily build smarter and faster apps. The flagship offerings of the platform include lightning app builder, lightning flow builder and lightning object creator. While the platform ensures powerful integration capabilities, it connects all integrated data to networked device. There is also a drag & drop functionality for faster automation across systems.


The cloud based no-code native development services offered by the IT giant is another bankable name in the segment. The platform has been built on the premise of ‘build once, iterate rapidly and deploy anywhere’. IBM’s cloud native applications are built for continuous innovation, thereby enabling faster market outreach, reduction in cost, simplified management and ability to scale up. With the help of IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM Cloud can be extended to deploy and run apps consistently across on-premise, edge computing and public cloud environments.


“Quixy is a leading no-code hpaPaaS platform that business users can use to automate processes & workflows and build complex enterprise-grade applications 10X faster than the traditional approach. It allows business users with no coding skills to automate workflows & processes, and build enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design. The platform is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Quixy stands out in the no-code space by being an advanced no-code platform versus a restrictive no-code platform. The platform can be used to build custom complex enterprise-grade applications using its advanced features compared to mere form, workflow, and process automation. The user can build and configure their own dashboard with Quixy. They can choose the data, reports, and charts that they wish to see as soon as they log in to the platform giving them the control their need on their work. With Quixy’s reports, users can monitor apps and process performance to uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the system.

Some of the enterprise-grade solutions that were built on the platform included a container-freight-station (CFS) management system, an insurance claim processing process, and an end-to-end HRMS system. It provides dozens of pre-built solutions for various sector from education to finance and FMGC to Tech”.


The platform claims to have catered to nearly three million designers and teams globally, enabling them to create and scale websites on a visual canvas. The company earlier this year raised $140 million in Series B funding. Webflow Designer enables the building of a website having the full power of HTML, Javascript and CSS, but without needing to acquire any coding skills.

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