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TOP predictions of Data Analytics in 2017

If you are wondering what will be the future of data analytics in terms of economy, technology and culture, then you should know that data analytics has the brightest possible future with all the potentials at its helm. Here are some predictions that experts have made based on the given trends currently-

  1. Surge of analyst salaries

Your business intelligence expertise and analytics skill will land you a minimum of 4% hike in salaries, which means you are going to be rich if you are an analyst. In fact, you will also have a high demand in the market.

  1. Creating data-driven culture

While 85% percent of firms want to engage in data-driven culture, a mere 37% has been successful as of now. Forbes has predicted that while more firms will try to do the same, the rate of success is unlikely to increase given the newness of the technology. People are finding it hard to accept the radically new possibilities of big data.TOP predications of Data Analytics in 20172

  1. Data scientist- the most important job

It will soon become the most coveted subject in universities and data scientists will be reorienting the world and its beliefs with the power of analytics. In fact, big organizations are already trying to train their existing workforce with the basics of data science. So, going by the trend, one can safely say it will soon become the most sought-after profession in the world of IT.

  1. Hadoop will soon be done for

Hadoop will soon become a thing of the past as the necessity to perform real-time will become crucial to data analytics. Hence, Apache Spark and similar software will come through that can survive such demand. Already in 2015, Hadoop was taking the back seat and along with it, its partners in crime like HDFS, MapReduce will also disappear slowly and silently.

  1. Analytics goes mainstream

The spotlight of IT has been on analytics, and it will only increase in the years to come as domains not even remotely related to IT will start using analytics to gain unseen insights. In short, wherever there is data, there will be analytics.

  1. IoT will be omnipresent

IoT is going to rule alongside big data in terms of tools for analytics. With more devices having the necessary sensors to collect and transmit data, each device will become a data source and a node among the cluster. IoT will probably be the reason of the next data explosion.

  1. AI will rule the world

Once AI arrives, it will be the most competent tool to use so much data so that a decision could be derived from it. 2017 will see unprecedented surge of AI, with hints of driverless cars fast approaching.

  1. Digital assistants will help you out

Now that all Smartphones can support digital assistants to help you do your works faster, saving time and energy, it will soon become a favourite of the masses. With Echo, Alexa, Siri and Cortana etc. in the market from technology giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple, things will surely be competitive and exciting.

  1. Rise of new sectors powered by AI

AI, as predicted by few experts, will produce new categories of marketing that will dedicate ads completely personalized to address extremely niche set of buyers. So, gone are the days of email marketing with generic mails. Companies that are solely based on recommendations will be the first to adapt this new technology.

  1. Hybrid analytics takes shape

With cloud analytics already on the rise, it is time for hybrid analytics to join the fray. In a world increasingly connected by cloud, infrastructure will increasingly become invisible and that will only simplify the understanding of analytics.

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