IoT in India: What Are the Top Sectors To Watch Out For?

There is no doubting the fact that after the smartphone bubble has burst, which from recent reports by IDC, seems like it has; the next tech revolution to take the entire world by storm will be IoT. India, home to 1.2 billion people, will be home to 700 million smartphone users by 2020. And by 2020, the world will be home to 80 billion connected devices.

The question that arises from the jumble of these huge numbers is that how many of these 80 billion will make their way to India? The potential is huge, and India makes the perfect playground for companies to test out IoT devices as the huge population along with insane population density in metros gives companies a great chance to work with enormous quantities of data to analyze and use for future iteration.

top sectors for IoT in india

With that thought in mind, we look at a few fields where India provides some unique opportunities for IoT that most other countries cannot.

#1. HealthCare

top sectors for IoT in india

There is a dearth of doctors in India, and the practice of regular monthly health checkups is also not a tradition that this country of a billion adheres to. As a result health issues can lie dormant for a long time and when they’re finally discovered, they can be fatal. Here is one position where IoT can step in.

There is a huge wearable market, and a major chunk of it is based on fitness trackers and the like. In the future, IoT and smart wearables can monitor cholesterol levels, heartbeat, blood glucose content and a lot more and with the added benefit of being Internet connected, the devices can analyze the data to make a chart of how well your body is doing.

#2. Housing Safety and Security

top sectors for IoT in india

Having an Internet-connected home has been a dream for most IoT enthusiasts as well as entrepreneurs in this field. With such a huge density of people in Indian metros, IoT can help regulate the energy usage of entire colonies so that people can become more environmentally conscious without having to change their lifestyle.

Along with that comes the added security of having IoT devices function as biometric locks which can enhance ethe security of our homes. Connected home cameras also allow us to remotely view who is at the door and even give or deny access to someone while not being physically present inside the house.

#3. Transportation and Automobiles

top sectors for IoT in india


One of the major problems that plague every major Indian city and highway is the incessant flow of traffic and the resultant traffic jams that are not only huge time-consuming black holes but also require an immense amount of manpower to man major cross sections.

With automobiles being IoT-enabled and a central; processing hub, the traffic congestions on the road can be reduced manifold by intelligent signal switching and rerouting of signal times and frequencies during peak rush hours.

Final Words

India is posied to be the technological hub of the future. All it needs is the nudge in the right direction from investors, startups, and developers alike!

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