Top Six Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You!

By Sia Smith
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Top Six Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You! 1

Like it or not, social media has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s a birthday bash or the inauguration of a brand, social media tells you all. Over 90% of the millennials are active on social media and might think they know every digital platform’s details.


But hold your breath! Here is a list of facts that are sure to make your jaws drop. Dive in to discover the top six social media facts that will surprise you.

Facebook Users

Facebook is the most widely used platform today. As soon as you get into high school, creating a Facebook profile is a must. However, you would be surprised to know that individuals between 45 and 54 use Facebook the most. Shocked? It’s true. 

This might be because Facebook also features many brands and business posts. These are of particular interest to the adult population. They use it to communicate, segregate clients, and even hire employees. The versatility of Facebook has made it easier for prospective clients to connect with companies without any hassle. 

That being said, millennials use Facebook to hunt for jobs, gigs, and internships. Several Facebook groups are dedicated to courses and other concerts. It’s an excellent tool to connect with people of the same business mindset and land a job.

Surprising LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn is the official platform for freelancers, startups, established business people, and everything related to the professional world. At least 2 new members create a LinkedIn profile every second. Amazing. Given the nature of the platform, startup agencies get their exposure on LinkedIn. Several individuals connect with organizations and land a job. 

However, statistics show that a very less percentage of users are ‘active’ on LinkedIn. It implies that not every person who signs up is seeking work or exposure. The profiles exist without any activity in them. 

On the contrary, other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have a much higher percentage of active users. This might be because of the nature of such platforms. Besides LinkedIn, every other popular site aims at promoting entertainment. Individuals are easily more attracted to something enjoyable than severe and work-related stuff.

Instagram Based brands

Instagram is the hub of established and emerging brands. There are a whopping 25 million accounts on Instagram that are owned by brands. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand page and also purchase their products. Studies show that over 96% of the brands are related to the fashion industry, and 60% of the viewers discover new products on a brand’s page.

However, the most followed pages on Instagram belong to National Geographic and are supported by Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and other such high-end brands. Not surprisingly enough, over a million advertisers are on Instagram, which lends out ads every day. You could spend money on any social media platform and get upgraded accounts to show your own ads, too. You could even get a free PayPal account with money. In short, if you have a good pocket, your brand can have popularity and efficiency only through social networking.

Twitter Trouble

Now, we all know that Twitter is the home for arguments, polarizing views, and everything intelligent or controversial. But the scary fact is that 53% of Twitter users need a reply to their post within an hour. If their tweet targets any brand and they fail to fulfill the criteria, 72% of the users immediately post negative feedback or a hate comment publicly on Twitter. 

This is because most of the people believe that brands work better when they are openly called out. Yes! They think that companies are more likely to notice their feedback on a public platform and improve their shortcomings. This is why we see a plethora of controversies going on at Twitter at any hour of the day. 

Pinterest Growth 

You might wonder who talks about Pinterest anymore? It seems like a very dormant app of no particular significance. But in reality, Pinterest is the fastest growing platform. On average, it grows by 57% annually. This rate is much higher than Facebook, which increases lazily by just 6%. 

The reason behind this is because Pinterest is more dependent on relatable content for different groups. Several individuals join and follow pages related to crafts, lifestyle, cooking, and so on.

Just like a retweet on Twitter, Pinterest has the feature of re-pins. Pinterest boasts of multiple re-pins in a single day. When someone likes a pin, they re-pin it. The re-pin gets noticed by someone else, and they re-pin it further. 

Thus, the cycle continues, and re-pins stay much longer than re-tweets. But why is it so? Because re-pins are based on the fundamental interests of the viewers, whereas re-tweets are usually based on some trending topics, which gradually die out.

Percentage of Fake Profiles 

Facebook leads the list when it comes to counting fake profiles. Facebook is said to have at least 5% fake profiles under its roof. However, the Facebook team has been actively taking down such profiles to clean its digital space. As of recent times, Facebook has detected and blocked over 3 billion fake profiles. 

Instagram, too, has several fake pages. It is estimated that around 30% of Instagram profiles are false. It implies that these profiles are held by non-existent individuals, spam profiles, and even robots are fake. However, the good news is that you can check if an account is real or fake by checking their followers, posts, stories, and general activity.


The next time you check in on any social media platform, remember that they can amaze you. Though social media gets a fair amount of flak, it can prove immense help at times. Just like the wisdom preaches, you need to use it in moderation.

While social media keeps you entertained, it can also provide a much-needed boost to your business. If you wish to propel your startup or look for opportunities, social media should be your go-to destination. It not only helps you earn but also increases your capability to grow and learn.

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