Top technology trends predictions that will dominate 2018

Top technology trends predictions that will dominate 2018

In 2017, there have been some disorderly technologies. These have become the subject of discussions and drawn immediate attention to themselves after their emergence. And, as 2018 has stepped in, these discussions, as well as the plans of the companies, will be taken to a new height, to help the future of the companies, incorporating highly developed technologies which have either already appeared, or are n the pipeline. Here are a few predictions regarding the technological trends that will likely dominate the new year.

  1. Data Analytics, BI, ML

The use of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning is likely to grow in the new year. Data in huge chunks result from business applications, and efforts are being made to mine it all, in order to understand the patterns, so that the user behavior can be predicted. For instance, the e-commerce users are interested to know the buying patterns of the customers, so that the products can be marketed better. Designers of websites, on the other hand, try to track the movements of the visitors in their websites, so that they can bring an improvement in their conversion rates, reduce bounce rate, etc.  Sales data of companies are analysed so that the investments in marketing can be correlated to sales and revenue generated. Business, alongside all other industries will reply on MI more than ever.

  1. AI in customer support

Businesses will also choose to use chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence, in their customer care, for faster, easier and more personalised guidance and support to the customers. As we have seen in the past, chatbots have stayed more in the stage of experiments, and have seen limited applications. But these chat responders which act like a human guidance system, will become more common and mainstream, especially in the customer support, with people finding it easy to gain help through the chatbox interactions. One of the major plus points of the non-human chatbots is that they do not have the same inconsistencies that human customer care reps often show, both physically and mentally. Thus, the support provided will be of a higher grade. They are expected to respond better, as they are learning to understand the history of previous customer interactions, as well as predict their wants.

  1. Processing Natural Language for Computer-Human Interaction

Natural Language will seen be processed for an interface that will take computer-human interactions to a new level. While this sounds like a feature of a science fiction, it may become a reality soon, ar at least we will see the ground work being laid. Business users are waiting for computers understanding our natural language. Sometimes, there’s a huge possibility of a communication gap, in the entre process of data analysis and explanations to departments like sales and marketing, because the information that the computer generates may not be accurately translated. Natural Language will eliminate analytics specialists, so that the managers in other departments can directly get the operations performed by the computers.

Aside from these top three most likely trends, we can also expect to see stronger laws in data protection, adoption of cloud computation by medium or even small business organizations, identity management through Blockchain n the security of enterprises, preparations of 5G connectivity, etc.

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