Top Three Gaming Frontiers in 2022

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Top Three Gaming Frontiers in 2022 1

Each year, the world of gaming becomes more accessible to the general public. Back in the 1980s and 90s, gamers were confined to consoles like Atari and Nintendo or PC games. In the early 2000s, the attention shifted toward Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, in addition to Nintendo and PC games.


In the last decade, the rise of eSports has helped introduce even more people to competitive gaming. Whether interested in playing the game themselves or simply tuning in for a match on Twitch, many are also developing a fan-based interest in the industry. Throw in the rise of casual mobile titles, and the future of gaming remains at the forefront of both technology and entertainment.

Unsurprisingly, this means that there are brand new opportunities for gamers to dive into each year. Now more than ever before developers from Blizzard to Tencent are looking to stay relevant by remaining at the forefront of gaming technology—and, naturally, innovating the industry. But big players aren’t the only companies making an impact.

Keep reading for three of the biggest gaming frontiers being explored in 2022.

Casino Games: New Twists on Classics

Though not quite as flashy as the DOTA 2 World Championship or BlizzCon, casino gaming is one of the biggest and most popular sectors in the industry. Brands from PokerStars to DraftKings Casino regularly push the boundaries when it comes to games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots.

In fact, those looking to find an online casino can easily locate a guide that directs them to the company which best suits their needs. For some gamers, it’s all about innovating brand new titles. For example, game show casino titles are gaining popularity; some companies are transforming games like Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly into a casino format—and players are flocking to these new twists on older titles.

Mobile Games: Cross-Platform Titles

Above, we mentioned the rise of mobile gaming in the last decade. From casual titles like Stardew Valley to competitive eSports like Garena Free Fire, mobile titles are accessible, easy to navigate, and, in most cases, free to download. But developers today aren’t just looking to launch a mobile app. 

In fact, they’re looking to create a full cross-platform suite for their top titles. This means that a game is available on PC, mobile, console, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Traditionally, console and PC titles have moved to mobile. But now, some mobile games have proved popular enough to warrant the opposite. Some are calling this trend the ‘gaming singularity’.

Top Three Gaming Frontiers in 2022 2

Hardware Updates: Wearable Tech

The most cutting-edge VR technology now includes hand controllers in addition to a headset. However, the future of wearable tech in gaming doesn’t solely focus on VR and AR. Instead, wearable technology is now becoming a part of the game streamer’s repertoire.

Wearables can be used to help gamers supervise their own performance so they can more easily log their progress, similar to how athletes use a Fitbit to monitor their physical markers. In fact, gamers now have access to data-tracking watches that break down their stats. They’re also showing interest in wearable microphones, which make aspects like live streaming seamless for both hosts and subscribers.

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