Top Tips On How To Build Your Own Chat App

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Top Tips On How To Build Your Own Chat App 1

From Whatsapp to Viber, Chat apps have become extremely popular in the last few years. Today, just about every person that owns a mobile phone is using some instant-messaging app. If you are interested in building a chat app, you may want to create a “standalone” app or adding the app to an existing service or product.


The Basic Essentials Of Successful Chat Apps

The recommended approach to launching your chat app involves first launching its MVP, which stands for Minimal Viable Product. Whatsapp used this method, presenting the most important features to attract the interest of users. From here, you can continue to develop the app by capitalizing on the feedback from users. In this way, it becomes easier to follow a confident and careful path to build your chat app, lower the initial development costs, and learn more about your impression on the market.

How Do Chat Apps Work?

When using Whatsapp as an example, this is one of the instant messaging apps that allow an exchange of video, audio messages, and text between multiple users or two users. This application uses XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). This is a completely decentralized protocol that makes WhatsApp extremely secure. If you use chat API from CometChat, all you have to do is configure it and start using it in your app. Chat APIs and SDKs are compatible with the different operating systems and easy to work with. With time they also get upgraded through which you have access to new features.

Functionality Required To Build A Chat App

Like other app types, it is possible to create your chat app using a set of basic features. Here is a list of the functionality that should be included in the app.

1. Authorization

Authorization is the first step involved in creating a chat app. There are different sign-up features you can choose. Some of these examples include authorization via the phone number, email, or social media. You can choose only to support one of these authorizations. However, it makes much more sense not to limit your users to just one authorization method. It is advisable to create your chat app to support all the options allowing your users to select the most convenient method for them.

2. Contact Importing

If you would like to create a chat app that will not annoy your users, this a feature you should include. Importing contacts should happen automatically. Your chat app should include a function that scans the contact in the user’s contact book, followed by importing these to a server.

Another feature that you may want to include when building your messaging app is to allow users to automatically view their contacts using the messaging app already and who they can contact through this app. You can also ask your developer to allow your users to easily import their contacts from other platforms such as social media.

3. Messaging

It is not possible to build a chat app without a messaging feature. This is the main part of any messenger application. Implementing a messaging feature will depend on the architecture type that you have decided to use.

Client-Server Messenger Application Vs. Server-Based Chat App

– The Server-Based Chatting App

This is an app that will store all the messages onto a server. If you have chosen this chat type, keep in mind that every interaction between the server and users must occur via the HTTPS protocol, and they must be encrypted using an SSL certificate.

Since these are the type of applications that require interaction with servers, it becomes necessary to ensure the pulling interval is minimal. This interval should be around 1-2 seconds. This is among the methods used on how to create a chat app that allows for instant messaging that occurs between users.

These are applications that can also feature added layers of protection. An example of this is cryptography that encrypts every message sent from a server to a recipient.

– Client-Side Messenger Apps

These are the apps that do not use a server for storing messages. When users send messages, they are authenticated by a central server and then encrypted using what is known as an Asymmetric Cryptography Algorithm, which is also known as public-key cryptography. Messages are delivered to recipients through a wireless mesh network.

4. Media File Sharing

When considering how to create a chat or messaging app that users will enjoy, you may want to implement this option. A file-sharing feature allows your users to exchange videos, images, documents, and other content types with others.

You can implement this feature in two different ways. The first is to allow users to send files or content from internal storage or a gallery. The second way is to allow users to take videos or photos directly from your app, allowing them to instantly send these captured moments to a friend or family member.

The features mentioned above are essential for any chatting app. Your app can also include enhanced features that will allow for advanced possibilities.

If you are searching for the easiest solution on how to create a chat app that users are going to love, there are no silver bullets. It is advisable not to duplicate features used by the most popular and trending chatting apps. Instead, try creating unique user experiences by offering exclusive and uncommon features that may appeal to your users.

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