Top Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Make More Sales

According to Sarah White in a recent article for CIO, “Experts agree that AI has the potential to eliminate mundane, administrative work,” freeing up time for salespeople to focus on the tasks that require skills robots have yet to learn, including empathy, compassion, and creativity.

The reasons how AI is boosting up sales:

  1. AI is helping salespeople succeed by taking over the CRM

Salesforce—already a leader in the CRM space—is also leading the charge in bringing AI to CRM. Its AI-infused offering, Salesforce Einstein uses email, calendar, and social data to predict when your prospect is statistically most likely to open an email from you and respond positively, and recommends a 20-minute time slot for sending your prospect that follow-up email.Top Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Make More Sales

  1. AI can help you convert more leads.

AI gave Rapid Miner that ability to find that needle in the haystack. Specifically, Rapid Miner uses our intelligent LeadBot to separate website visitors who are likely to buy from those who aren’t.

  1. AI can scale being helpful.

An intelligent assistant can be available to help your leads at a moment’s notice, 24/7, even when everyone on your team is asleep. And through a simple knowledge base integration, you can have that intelligent assistant provide answers to common product questions.

  1. Better Customer interactions

Bigger brands have started to use data analytics to personalize their customer service, leading customers to expect that level of customization when they call for help. A.I. can help even the busiest call centers create a more helpful customer experience.

  1. Improving Your Inbox and Event Scheduling

A.I. is now already automatically synching with your calendar, presenting dates that are available for sales meetings and more. Instead of wasting valuable time comparing schedules via email, A.I. lets potential clients see available times and schedule meetings.

  1. Insight into Website Interactions

Analytics can follow customer behavior, including website visits and shopping cart abandonment. However, that information is useless unless sales and marketing teams put it to good use. A.I. tools can automate that process, providing real-time alerts when previous leads are visiting a business’s website. That information can then prompt a follow-up, leading to a meaningful conversation about the prospect’s concerns and interests.

  1. Reach more decision makers with AI

Salespeople are using technology to improve their efficiency, but they’re not taking advantage of it to really dig into their existing networks and relationships in order to reach decision makers. In order to bust through their current network and start talking with the decision makers, salespeople are doing extensive research to find the insights they need to make a valuable connection.

  1. Develop sales team best practices with AI

When you look at your top sales performers, you probably think they do so well because they’re just “made” for sales. It’s too bad you can’t simply clone those salespeople to create a team of top performers, right? Well, with AI for sales you’ll come close.


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