TrackMyPhones Introduces App to Track Your Dear Ones using WhatsApp

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Track My Phone

Bengaluru based startup TrackMyPhones, a leading mobile tracking service provider, has come up with a simple innovative solution to trace your dear ones by means of a mobile. Now, one can track their dependents via mobile messenger – WhatsApp, by just sending a WhatsApp message from their phone to the target device.


With security issues becoming a major challenge in today’s world, we are always concerned about our dear ones, whether it’s about our child not returning from the school on time or the security of our old parents travelling alone, the worries are endless. The app helps you locating the phone and tracks it physically by playing a loud siren, vibrating or turning on the flashlight to inform. Additionally, Track My Phone using WhatsApp also notifies about battery charge status.

Expressing his delight over the launch, TrackMyPhones founder Mr. Srihari Karanth said, “Our vision is to help the society by leveraging technology to minimize the vulnerabilities of the cyber-space. After the success of Track My Phone, which helps get details of the phone by sending commands from the website, we decided to launch the app to control mobile via WhatsApp. TrackMyPhones offers more than 20 dedicated apps focused on anti-theft, remote monitoring, parental control, and women safety. We wish to continue working for the benefit of the society.”

Co-founder Mr. Shrinidhi Karanth said “Tracking your dear ones especially when they are not technology savvy to share their location is a challenge. You have to call them up and they have to ask people around to know the location when on commute. On another note, during emergencies such as accident, when an injured person or a victim during any mishap is not able to respond through mobile, one can locate them through this app. You can also locate your dear ones’ whereabouts through this app without disturbing them. So, we thought of getting location from the app which is most commonly used and WhatsApp was the first thing that came to our mind.”

Furthermore, TrackMyPhones is planning to add more features like getting picture from front and back camera as reply to WhatsApp command to know more specific details.

Addressing concern over security, Srihari added, “Commands needs to be sent with 4 digit pin. The user must add contacts to the whitelist in the app, only then the app will reply to the commands from that specific contact. Only authorized user will be getting the reply to ensure safety and security.”

The app also works when the command is sent via WhatsApp groups when the group is added to the white list. If everyone in the group has the app installed, then one command will help to get to know the location of each individual as well it can also trigger an alarm to everyone in the group immediately to help or locate them.

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