TrackMyPhones manages to head the Security Platform

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TrackMyPhones manages to head the Security Platform 1

Two computer engineers, both twins, Srihari and Shrinidhi Karanth, developed the passion for website and app development in the early ages. Thus, they worked to get on to the track of users security on smartphones and structured a startup called TrackMyPhone.


This startup was pushed as a hobby of the twins in 2014, while the brothers formulated an app called Thief Tracker, that snaps the picture from the front camera of a smartphone and then mails it to the user of the smartphone when anyone tries to unlock the smartphone yet is not successful even after certain times.

Certainly, the app came into force as many users security backup, leading to 15,000-20,000 installations of the app every day across the world. Srihari further mentions that the startup accounts to nearly 20 other apps that are initiated to concentrate on the main areas involving remote monitoring, parental control, women’s safety and anti-theft.

The founders of the startup claim that all the apps initiated, are free of cost for everyone’s convenience and usage for multiple problems. Likewise, the Women Safety app is meant to record an audios and videos for at least a minimum of 20 seconds, also take snaps from the front camera and the back camera, locate or trace the smartphone and emit a loud siren across the area, if the user pushes the panic button of the smartphone, in case of threats.

This not only aids the users to trace their family or friends and know their locations but also to track the surroundings of the perpetrators and take snaps from the area if a crime is being committed.

Furthermore, the company develops a Chat Tracker app that permits the user in tracking the messages or chats from the messaging apps such as Facebook, Watsapp, Hike, Hangouts or Skype and others. The Remote Messaging and Call Tracker app further allows it users to significantly track any incoming or outgoing calls or SMSs with the smartphones location. Then, the Tracking Smartphone app tracks down the smartphones and controls it remotely through the Track My Phone website or utilising the SMS platform.

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