Transforming Digital Certification with Blockchain by iCommunity Labs

iCommunity Labs launches, simplifying digital certification for all. It democratizes blockchain notarization.

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Transforming Digital Certification with Blockchain by iCommunity Labs

In today’s world of online transactions, making sure documents are real and reliable is highly important. iCommunity Labs, a big name in Spain for blockchain technology, has come up with a portal named It’s a new website that makes certifying digital documents easy and fair for everyone. Spearheaded by Miguel Ángel Pérez, the company aims to make blockchain notarization accessible to all.

Advertisement is a website that makes it easy to certify all kinds of digital stuff including contracts and videos. What is best about it is that you can make a choice of keeping your certification private or public, depending on what you like. Plus, you can easily share your certified files with others. This makes the platform great for checking if digital content is real or not. now accepts a special token called ICOM for payments, making it even easier for people to use the website. Also, iCommunity Labs has a service called ‘Blockchain as a Service’ that helps businesses use blockchain tech without all the usual complicated stuff.

The launch of is a huge improvement in certifying digital things. It uses fancy blockchain tech to make sure certified stuff is real and trustworthy. As the platform improves, it will make certifying documents, videos and other stuff easier. Blockchain will gradually become more important in our digital lives.

In short, it can be said that makes certifying digital stuff easier and safer. You can choose if you want your certification to be public or private and share it easily. As more people use the platform, using blockchain for certification will become normal.

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