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Travellers will be questioned by AI lie detectors at the border

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A program which is called by the name as iBorderCtrl, which is an Artificial intelligence lie detector system is now going to start the trial at EU border patrol checkpoints.

The program will be going to run for the six months at four borders which crosses the points in Greece, Latvia, and Hungary within the countries outside the European Union, according to the report.

iBorderCtrol works on the AI to enable the faster border crossings for the travelers by having users fill out an online application and upload some of the documents such as their passport details and VISA before a virtual border guard takes over to ask some of the essential questions.

Travelers answers while facing any of the issues with a webcam so that it will let the system to analyze and rate the dozens of micro-gestures. When the iBorderCtrl determines the traveler who is being truthful, they will receive a QR code that will surely let them pass the border with ease.

If the AI suspects that the traveler is lying, then they will be going to under biometric information and will be passed on to a human agent who will then go to their review their application and make an amended decision.

The program is highly experimental and early based testing of a previous iteration as it only had a success rate of 80%. A member of the iBorderCtrl team, however, revealed they are confident that this time it will be more than 90%.

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