Tremendous Momentum in Cloud Adoption – Satya Nadella

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Satya Nadella Praises Rabbit R1 as Future of Agent-Centric IoT

The Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has revealed that there is tremendous momentum in cloud adoption, which is termed a cloud “big game changer”. Nadella addresses the future of the Microsoft Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai on Tuesday.


As per his schedules, he will be visiting Delhi and Bengaluru this week and will be having a meeting with the key customers, startups, developers, educators and students during his India visit.

Nadella listed cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as imperatives that can be helpful in driving economic growth.

Nadella also said that the cloud had been a big game changer. Cloud is in its early-to-intermediate innings, and it noted that there is tremendous momentum in cloud adoption. Nadella was born in Hyderabad and lauded the way in which India is building public infrastructure.

In October 2022, Nadella mentioned that it was an honourable opportunity for him to receive the Padma Bhushan. The award is considered the third-highest civilian award, and looked forward to continuing to work with people across India to help them use technology to achieve more success.

In the formal meeting with Dr Prasad with Nadella, he said that we are living in a period of historic economic, societal and technological change.

He also added that the next decade is going to be defined by digital technology. Indian industries and organizations of each level are turning to technology so that they can help them to do more with fewer expenses. This will ultimately lead to greater innovation, agility, and resilience.

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