Trend Micro hosts discussions on hybrid cloud security during CLOUDSEC India 2019

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CLOUDSEC India 2019

CLOUDSEC, the leading global cybersecurity conference, will take place in Mumbai on October 10th, 2019. Hosted by Trend Micro Incorporated CLOUDSEC India 2019 provides an avenue for enterprises and organizations to discuss and collectively address issues such as the increasingly complex cyberattacks, shifting IT environments, and the upcoming industry trends and morphing threat landscape, with this year’s theme being ‘Picture This! See. Secure. Go further’.


The cybersecurity landscape continues to introduce challenges amid exciting new technologies. Organizations need to see the order in chaos, see things from a different perspective, and even step back to see the big picture. Having visibility through the power of collective and connected intelligence helps businesses build cyber resilience and allows them to go further and do more. CLOUDSEC offers a platform for industry professionals to convene and share best practices and insights to combat cyber threats.

The day-long event will feature an interesting keynote, engaging theme-based sessions, and fireside chat and breakout sessions. At CLOUDSEC India 2019, some featured speakers include:

  • Nilesh Jain, Vice President, Southeast Asia and India, Trend Micro
  • Ramachandra Hegde, SVP, CISO, Genpact
  • Sriram Lakshmanan, Vice President, Cybersecurity Assurance, Genpact
  • Brijesh Datta, Vice President and CISO, Reliance Jio Infocomm
  • Mathan Babu Kasilingam, CISO, NPCI
  • Venkatesh Subramaniam, Global CISO, Olam International

Commenting on the event, Nilesh Jain says, “It is important for the enterprises to have broader visibility of the risks and detect more complex attacks that otherwise remain unnoticed. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools have been available for a while, and many organizations have adopted the technology.

While absolutely necessary, EDR is no longer sufficient to meet the requirement of faster detection and response. The industry is now moving to XDR – the ability to detect and respond across email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and network via a single platform or managed service. Trend Micro recently became the first to deliver XDR across all these vectors.”

Leading cloud service providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware will join the event as platinum sponsors and share their insights on securing various types of cloud environments. At the event, Trend Micro researchers will also be sharing findings and insights around emerging threats. During the event, Trend Micro will showcase demos of their newly launched XDR technology.

CLOUDSEC India 2018 saw close to 750 participants in total. With 18 speakers, 85 CIOs, and 402 companies gracing the event last year, it was a huge success.

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