Trends and Future of Mobile Apps

Trends Future of Mobile Apps

Mobile application is almost synonymous with the meteoric rise of smartphones in the market. A recent statistics has revealed that nearly 200 billion downloads have been achieved around the globe. The number is staggering, to say the least. The last decade has seen a revolution in technology where everything you do, hear or say are somehow or the other mediated by smartphones. Mobile apps are nowadays not merely for fun and engagement but also everyday utilities. In fact, such utility apps are quickly becoming the most demanded apps.

Given the scenario, it is not difficult to say that mobile apps will have paradigm shifts in the near future with specific domains of mobile apps gaining more currency over others. Here are some of the possible shifts in the near future-

Chatbot-based and platform-independent apps

Nowadays, platform dependence is a thing of the past and every app is engaging in cross-platform collaboration and development. More importantly, since apps can become cumbersome at one point. Many app development platforms are releasing messenger-based Chatbot that will take care of customer handling by answering queries as per required. Often, rather than writing lengthy FAQs or filling forms, customers prefer this mode of communication.Trends and Future of Mobile Apps

Since IoT or internet of things is one of the raging technologies currently, it is difficult to find any sector that has not been affected by it as IoT grows in stature and scope. Apart from the basic fitness apps and other simpler IoT technologies, both Google and Apple, the most powerful players in smartphone market, are approaching towards advanced IoT. It also indicates a rise in location-based technologies and apps which will give you a greater degree of customization for your services.

Rise of ecommerce, security and VR

Needless to say, cloud computing is going to occupy a major part of the technological concern in app development. It will become the default storage method for most apps and the higher the security, the more companies will be inclined to move to cloud. Since smartphones nowadays contain sensitive data of all sorts, apps will also have concerns regarding enhancing data privacy. So, the more data it takes for betterment of service, the more it will try to adhere to security standards.

While augmented reality already made a name through some extremely popular games, virtual reality is yet to arrive fully in smartphones. However, with the advancement in these sectors, virtual reality will soon become a major concern for app developers. In fact, in areas like gaming e-commerce and other fields, the front runners are trying to ensure that virtual reality is embedded in the experience.

Most importantly, the number of apps that are trying to avoid the download and install phase is increasing day by day.  So, apps are trying to operate on-the-go so that they can run on the phone without installing them. Since smartphones are equivalent to wallets, more businesses will be integrated at the level of apps and more transactions will occur through them. Whether apps decide the technology of the future or it is the other way round is to be seen.


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