Trends in Game Development with Javascript

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Gaming fanatics have surplus games at their disposal. Some of the most prominent you can find in the market include God Of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Skyrim. The development of these games involves C++, skilled developers, and striking budgets. Also, this language was an integral part of game programming. However, everything has gradually evolved, and Javascript for game development and Java, Python, C++ are stealing the scene.


Essentially, JS is an excellent option if you are looking for a simple, intuitive project with the present JavaScript developers. It’s actually among the easiest languages one can learn, all thanks to the presence of GitHub. At, Javascript experts explained everything about Javascript development, its capabilities, the advantages, and the disadvantages;

JavaScript for Game Development Explained 

Game development with Javascript is no doubt more beneficial compared to other programming languages. It’s actually the most suitable language for games development. Also, it works excellently with HTML and CSS, not to mention that it’s exceptional when it comes to creating online games.

Furthermore, JavaScript has multiple libraries and frameworks plus a useful online community which is a plus in the present multi-platform setting. JavaScript supports Android, iOS Apps, hardware, and desktop.

What are the Advantages of Javascript Game Development?

Some of the advantages of JavaScript include;

  • Speed; JavaScript is too swift since it runs instantly within the browser of a client. Note that it does not require external resources to run, and therefore calls to a backend server cannot slow JavaScript. Besides, it’s no point compiling code before running it since all chief browsers support just in time JavaScript compilation.
  • Simplicity- Learning JavaScript is stress-free as the language has an easy syntax that stems from Java. You may have challenges mastering other languages such as C++ but not JavaScript, which qualifies it as the best option.
  • Server load- This language is client-oriented, and therefore it controls the demand on servers. Simple apps may not require a server.
  • Versatility- there are several ways of utilizing JavaScript via Node.js servers. For instance, if you happened to bootstrap Node.js using Express, you should utilize a document database such as MongoDB and utilize JavaScript on the client’s front-end. Interestingly, you can JavaScript alone to develop a fully functional JavaScript app.
  • Popularity- JavaScript commands attention on the web, and it’s constantly being used on the backend with the introduction of Node.js. Furthermore, multiple resources can help learn JavaScript. This language has won many hearts, and its future is promising.
  • Rich interfaces- JavaScript helps create an excellent user interface. This is because it’s ideal for creating vital features such as drag and drop. Also, it creates sliders that play a crucial role in enhancing the user interface.
  • Increased functionality- Developers can prolong web pages functionality by writing JavaScript snippets for third-party add-ons such as Greasemonkey.
  • Interoperability- JavaScript is compatible with all types of web pages, unlike PHP, among other scripting languages. JavaScript is usable on different apps.

JavaScript Disadvantages

Browser support- Sometimes, different browsers interpret JS code differently.

Client-side security- JavaScript is typically implemented on the client-side. Therefore, oversights and bugs could be used for malicious purposes. This is why some people opt to disable JavaScript entirely.

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