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Trends that will shape cloud computing in 2017

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Cloud computing has been revolutionizing IT enterprises for half a decade now. However, its potentials have not run themselves out. In fact, they are renewing themselves as the IT market is expecting a second boom in the world of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Fast Service

No matter where such service is public or private, enterprises are using cloud computing to ensure that the service is faster than ever. More efficiency, more resources and more services to the customers have become the mottos for enterprises. If you have an enterprise with commendable infrastructure, decent amount of budget and a host of applications, you are in for availing a good cloud service. The type of service, however, varies widely. Within a few years, it has become a phenomenon. cvbnn

Often, private clouds are favored by enterprises precisely because of the issue of data security. However, not everyone can afford that and hence, public cloud platforms are well in demand too. In fact, it is the public platforms that are providing a much needed boost for smaller companies that mostly occupy the sector.

Hybrid Model in Demand

In fact, most companies are looking for a hybrid model that compensates the issue of efficiency with cost effectiveness. Often, private clouds are left only to big names since it requires huge amount of workforce and costly. While the benefits are there, CIOs are of the opinion that it is hardly an effective measure unless the budget allowed is worthwhile. Even among the giants as Amazon, there is a tendency towards a hybrid model with a favourable attitude towards public cloud platforms.cloud computing future in 2017

They are trying to avail an already existing infrastructure and trying to better it by adding customizations. Moreover, every enterprise is opening new data sections and trying to grab hold of more cloud options. In fact, data centers allow a brilliant opportunity for localizing the data. This will also allow small players to come into play and they will ensure that a network of clouds is operating at every level. In short, even the behemoths are measuring their options and looking for more providers to spread their workflow. However, the multiple providers do bring in a question of budget and hence, that way, public cloud platforms are, eventually as it may seem, expensive.

Migration Shift is Justified

Moreover, the bigger the network, the greater would be the operation cost. So, it boils down to the ease of deployment. Keeping the public platforms active during the lesser inactive periods is also an economic issue in this case. However, they are circumventing this problem with renewed enthusiasm for cloud innovations and customization. In fact, the cloud apps that these companies provide may well undergo a refactoring. In fact, migration services will be required since you cannot simple shift them to public cloud. This also bears some amount of cost. However, it is accelerating steadily and many enterprises believe it to be a one-time shift and hence, they are not really worried about the cost. In fact, they believe that security would be the key and hence, even if costly, such shift is justified.


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